11 January, 2011

My baby is turning 3!

**SNIFF** ** SOB**!!!!!
My sweet little Monkey is turning 3 on Monday! 
January 17th, 2008 was a sweet day in our world for so many reasons!
I was sitting here pondering what I could possibly say and how I could possibly express my deep emotions when I talk about my sweet girl!  I am so incredibly blessed!  She has been such a ray of sunshine, source of laughter, and a complete humbling of my spirit!  I am amazed each day how she teaches us to love, forgive, laugh, have faith, and adore our Lord!!  Even at 3 , she is wise for her years!  I would love to take credit for that, but that would not be the case... you see... the Lord fashioned her even from the womb!  She fought odds and her arrival into this world was purely HIS design and NOT mine!

If you are new or need a refresher in the story of MONKEY... you can start here!
Then you can visit here for the next step in the journey! 
And finally... the story of her glorious birth-day here!

The Lord has been continually teaching me things through Monkey even before she was concieved!
I just love how HE does that!  I am overwhelmed with excitement to see what the Lord has in store for this little one... especially in HIS kingdom!  I am honored and blessed to be her mom!!
So in celebration and a look back... here is the video we made for the day we gave our blessing back to the Lord!!!!  Oh that was a sweet day!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl!!!
Love, your mom, dad, brother, and sister!!!!!!!!!!
PS... I promise I won't forget to pick up your cake!!!  :O)


  1. Emily said...
    aww, Happy Birthday, Monkey! :) It is hard when the baby grows up! Mine will be 7 this year. SEVEN! Yikes! Time flies way too fast! I'll be sobbing and sniffing if I think about it for too long. :)
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    Happy birthday to your littlest lady
    Jess said...
    She is so cute! What a blessing!sup
    william2233 said...
    nice blog, from a children author

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