30 December, 2010

Recovering at home!

Hey friends and family!
Well we made it! Haylee had her EP study today at the hospital! Boy what a Trooper! I am so proud of my girl! I am always amazed at kids ability to be resilient!
She took every prick, pull… everything with such grace and courage!

We arrived very early in the morning to an awesome staff at the hospital. Welcoming, friendly… yes even at 6:30 am! She was put into pre-op. She got all hooked up and ready to go down to the Cath lab for her procedure. We were able to stay with her till she went night night for awhile! The procedure was to take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours depending on what they find out when there are in there. We waited with hourly updates from the lab. Phase one was complete with them NOT being able to induce an arrhythmia. Next phase… to put in synthetic adrenaline to see if that will induce arrhythmia. NO GO!!!! The procedure took 1 ½ hours! WOW! So after mapping out the systems of her heart and doing multiple tests from within…, they concluded that the pathway was benign. No way it can cause an arrhythmia or be of concern at any time! PTL. No restrictions, no issues, no problem! They also concluded that she actually does not have Wolf Parkinson White syndrome, but what is called Mahaim Fibre Tachycardia which is frequently mistaken for WPW. It shows up as WPW . I won’t bore you with the medical lingo. She will always have an abnormal EKG, but we know now what is going on. Another good thing is now with the new diagnoses… it isn’t hereditary… just the way her “fibers” in the heart formed when she was born and grew! (no need to rush to get the other kiddos checked ) She goes back in a month to make sure she still is on track and that her entry points are healing okay. Then back in 6 months to be “cardiac cleared” for good! She will have to carry an “official” paper with her if she does anything that needs to include an EKG so she isn’t diagnosed again and labeled with a heart condition, because that isn’t the case anymore!

I so appreciated all the thoughts and prayers! We could definitely feel them. I made a comment today asking myself… “should I be more freaked out about this situation than I am”… the answer was clear and felt! God had her in the palm of His hand from beginning to end and calmed my spirit! My relief going into this new year with answers , knowledge, and no fear of the what if and what can’t she do… well…. You can imagine my relief! I am so grateful for an awesome doctor! He was fantastic! (so was his staff at the heart clinic)

Haylee is doing well. A little sore in the entry areas, little scratchy throat, and a little headache, but doing great overall!

Many blessing for a great new year!
Thanks again,


  1. Dysfunctional Mom said...
    WOOHOO! Wonderful news!!
    Melinda said...
    Wonderful news. God is the Great Physician, and Haylee is in his hands every step of the way. You too, dear friend, are in the hands of our unfailing God.

    Oh, and the carrying of an "official letter" regarding her EKG readings...David's dad has had to carry one for nearly 20 years.
    The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
    So glad to hear that all turned out well. Sounds like you were very blessed with special care.

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