22 September, 2011

I know, I know... it has been awhile!  I hope to remedy that problem. 
Okay... so here I go. I have a lot of thoughts so this may end up a jumbled mess, but I will try and organize them the best I can!

I will start with a question a dear friend asked me last week while we were hanging out at the local splash pad. I have been thinking a lot about it lately. She said, "what does loving someone that is broken REALLY look like?" Does it mean just sending them a text saying, " I love you... thinking about you?" Does it mean being there when they need you, but at arms length or when it is convienent? Does it mean getting down and dirty with the broken, helping them sift through the pieces of their brokeness and helping them glue the pieces into a beautiful mosaic? How does loving someone through their brokeness translate to daily living?

I think an excellent way to start is to realize that we are ALL broken in some way, shape or form. Some more broken then others. Some experienced devistating circumstances to lead to brokeness, some just broken from being a sinful being. Nevertheless , all broken-- all in need of love, connection, and friendship.

Showing the broken grace is needed. Grace means :mercy; clemency; a pardon. Why grace? Because it is by Grace that we have been saved through Christ Jesus. Remember your own forgiveness and grace that was afforded you by our Lord. (Eph. 2:8) Because that emulates our Lord. (Gen 5:1 -- we are made in HIS likeness) Follow that up with compassion. Jesus led by compassion. So much so that he broke his own father's laws to show compassion. (Luke 13:10) The good samaritan not only showed compassion in thought, but put into physical tangible actions! (Luke 10:30) It really has amazed me and is something that I have been learning in a BIG way over the past months.... It is a shame on us, but sometimes we don't show or understand the degree of grace we should show to others until we are in the place of needing that grace ourselves.

I do know that one thing the broken do NOT need is judgement. Nine chances out of ten the great judge (the Lord) and refiners fire has already been at work in the brokeness. That is more than likely where their brokeness has come from. They don't need your "fire". The definition of judgement is the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind. I love the last 4 words! These circumstances are almost always not based on fact or by being a "scholar of another" and ripping off the packaging to open the box of their lives. It is all about where the mind takes it. No one has ever been healed or restored by judgement. Compassion and love, yes! If we are looking to change lives, judgement needs to go out the window and let grace and love abound!

We as Christians are usually the worst offenders of passing down judgement. I would almost be more accepting of judgement from a non-believer. But we as Christ followers should know better. To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48) There are times when rebuke and correction are necessary and founded by truth in situations, but other times, if we are honest... the situations are just uncomforable to us , out of our box, some new way that the Lord is choosing to work his big picture that we aren't familiar with. We may not like the situation or circumstances in someones life and how uncomfortable it feels to us, but we are called to LOVE, show COMPASSION, and offer GRACE-- not just in word, but in deed!

These words come from a truely broken vessel. I seek HIS face daily, trust his promises, walk with him through the fire and pray for beauty from these ashes. I KNOW HE is creating a beautiful mosaic, and I am thankful for those ppl who are helping me slap in the grout to make it complete!!!



16 May, 2011

18 April, 2011

I heard a song on the radio that is an oldie but goodie by Christian music's standards!  It is by a group called Avalon.  I think the timing of this song is very significant  being played this week as we go into "passion week"--The week prior to the Death, burial , and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus!  My mind and heart cries out for you to take the stories and really seek the reality of them!

I have grown up in a Christian home most of my life.  Went the Sunday school like a good girl, joined the youth group, memorized scripture, and even attended a christian school from 1st- 12 th grade.  I heard the stories, my parents drilled them in   But at a point , we have to evaluate ... are they just stories-- just a page of history?  There is a time when all these stories become the catalyst for making your faith your own-- not just what your parents want you to believe.  To know him is to love him and to love him is to make him your everything!

What does the story of Easter mean to you? Is it just a story, or do you live it, breathe it, thank HIM for it!  Do you read the story and then put it back on the shelf till next Easter?  Our Lord did the most amazing thing for you and I... came to earth in human form, took on the critics, testified to the truth of our heavenly father, was beaten, and crucified all because of his love for us. 

Is HE everything to you... is he how you live, breathe, talk, act?  Have you made he stories a reality in your life?  I love how Avalon sings it... they can do a much better job of sharing my heart with you.  So here you go!

Have a great day!

16 April, 2011

Today was such a beautiful day.  Hubby and princess had rehearsal ALL day for Sound of Music ,so I packed up the other two and headed to our quaint little downtown for the farmers market and to let Monkey play for a while in our brand new splash pad.  What a great area!!!  It has added even more excitement and charm to our downtown area!  After some fun in the sun, we went to lunch at the local pizza place. (our favorite!)  I really enjoyd our day!!!  Here are some fun pics!!
Took her a while , but she warmed up the shooting streams of water from the ground beneath!  :o)
Dashing between splashes to follow mom!

Big brother too "big" for the splash pad, but patiently waited without complaint so his sister could play!

Found mom among the fountains!!
This woman was standing at the foot of the splash pad , arms raised, bible in hand... praying over the pad and the families there!  I love it!  I then noticed her later walking around downtown , praying over our town.  If only we all had that much conviction to go and openly prayer for strangers!!!

GOOD day!!!
My you too find "sunshine even on a cloudy day!"  ;o)

14 April, 2011


Most of you that know me and some that don't because I have told you... know that I just adore Dragonflies!  I love anything with them on it!   I never really knew what my attraction to these awesome creation of God were.  So I decided to go on a fact finding mission and see what they were all about! 

We have dragonflies EVERYWHERE down her in Florida, which makes sense because they are mostly found around marsh lands, ponds, and lakes because their first stages of life are aquatic!  You can see one flying around or you can see hundreds in a field just buzzing in a group.  They really are fascinating to me!  They are fast little bugger too... On record... the fastest dragonfly was clocked at 60 mph!  Of course that is out of the norm, but generally they fly about 35 mph.  Can you imagine how fast those wings are flitting to get those kinds of speeds!

Another reason I love them... the eat our pesky mosquitoes!  God's natural pest control system!  I love it!
When I dug deeper into the Dragonfly cultural significance... I found one that I particularly loved!

In Japan dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness, and they often appear in art and literature, especially haiku. The love for dragonflies is reflected in the fact that there are traditional names for almost all of the 200 species of dragonflies found in and around Japan.  As it symbolizes courage, boys are given the name of "Tonbo", meaning dragonfly. The shape of the archipelago of Japan, as seen on a map, is said to be that of a dragonfly. Hence the leading male character in Kiki's Delivery Service, in a non-Japanese setting, is named "Tonbo" so that the Japanese audience can identify with him.  (wikipedia)

That is just so cool to me because I can remember MANY times looking back where I have been going through a rough time or needed an extra pick me up and was visited by a Dragonfly!  I remember one day, when I was taking a LONG walk.  It was hot, I was tired, the baby was cranky, the dog refused to listen and I just wanted to make it home.  Wouldn't you know a dragonfly came down out of nowhere and landing at the head of my stroller canopy!  It was almost as if to say, "I am gonna help you flit home-- now let's get going!" 

Some of you may be thinking, "HOKEY"!  But I see this as a way of God using his beautiful and magnificent creation to help his children with little reminders of HIS grace, strength, and courage!  When I see them now, I remember God's promise that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I will remember that God does not give us the spirit of fear.  I will remember that no matter how insignificant I think my struggle is , my Lord cares and my happiness lies in him!!! 

Wow, all I can say is that thank the good Lord I am not Japanese or having any more children or my son just might just end up with the name "TONBO"!!
Next time you see our wonderful dragonflies ... remember strength, courage, and happiness and where it all comes from!!  Thanks Lord for BIG reminders in the form of one of your littlest creations!!!