08 January, 2009

My birth story!

Almost 1 year ago... I can't believe it!!

9 am on Thurs. morning, we arrive at Winnie Palmer Hospital. I am finally given a room and set up by 10am. The Dr. comes in and checks me, and I am only 3 centimeters and 70% effaced. She breaks my water. (most uncomfortable feeling BTW'!) As we wait a bit for things to get going,. we find out my labor/delivery nurse is fresh out of UCF med. School 7 months! LOL, oh this will be fun. I was afraid I would have to keep hubby on a tight-“don’t embarrass me leash”, but he did good.

Anyway, about an hour passes and in goes the pitocin. Oh yah, epidural tune! My BFF!
All is fine with the world. My contractions are starting to come faster, but I am still good! The kids are in and out of the room. We are chatting. My parents are in and out visiting. Then as my dad is sitting there with my kids, my epidural starts to WEAR OFF. What?? I am going with the flow - breathing through them all the while trying to hunt down my BFF the epidural goddess! (Man, now would be a good time to remember Lamaze breathing and focus!) My dad notices my pain and growing need to have drugs. The kids on the other hand are watching TV and couldn't care less)! I then in the nicest manor possible tell him it was time to go and take the kids. Among this pain , I have the pain of the nurse testing my sugar levels every hour. My sugar was low so she insisted that I eat something. Like I really feel like eating something. Unless your sugar Popsicle is laced with epidural meds. , I DON”T want it!! I had to or she threatened a shot. Okay, give me the stupid Popsicle.

Hubby came back with the thought it must be time, only he was surprised to find me gripping the bed rails , breathing heavily, and wanting to die in that moment. The anesthesiologist has been in to double dose me 3 times at this point-- NOT WORKING! They decide to check me again . . I am 4 centimeters and 80% effaced, Are you kidding me? The anesthesiologist said that my contractions were coming so fast and hard that the epidural couldn't keep on top of them. The self medication button could have been pressed down and held down and it wouldn't have made a difference, which I quickly found that out after pressing it so much-- I think my fingerprint is permanently embedded. Great-- at this point I am thinking-- knock me out! (Oh, yah, through this whole thing I had raging heartburn!)

Finally the anesthesiologist tells my nurse she should check me again, because this crazy that I am still in that much pain. This is 1O minutes later from when I was 4 cent. and 80%. The nurse completes her check and says to me-- "ah, I need to page the dr. You are 10 cent and IOO% and oh , the baby is ready to crown!" WHAT? The good thing at this point is the last of the 4 double epidural doses has kicked in right in the knick of time. The Dr, is paged. She is in surgery closing up and should be here soon. I don't know at this point if I have "soon" to wait for. My sweet little nurse looks at me and says. "Please don't push! " At this point have I ever had any control over what my body is doing and you want me to "please don‘t push" OKAY then! Just in case they call the attending hospital OB to stand in the hall in case my dr. doesn’t make it. With much relief, she does. She sits down, says push—“monkey” crowns. One more push and my little girl is screaming on my chest! 6 minutes and 2 pushes later my little girl, that I have been dying to meet, is right there. I was in such a state of “did this really just happen?”
WOW, the Lord is good! “Monkey” was doing fine! Since she barely spent any time in the birth canal being compressed, she has a lot of mucus that she is still expelling. Kind of scary at times to watch her gag on it, but we watch her and help it out when we can. Her sugar is fine as well as mine. No issues from the GD!
We are so happy, in love, and praising the Lord for such a miracle and blessing. When I look back at the start of it all-the miscarriage, the loss of the twin, the scare of losing “monkey”, the GD-- I see the Lord’s handiwork, protection and love. She was SO worth the wait!! My boy is doing so much better with the whole baby concept. He has had many months to lessen his anxiety. I know he will get better and just adore her when she gets a little more "fun"!` My princess has waited SO patiently for this day! She is going to be a fabulous big sister!
January 17, 2008
Welcome my angel, my miracle, my gift, my "monkey"!!

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  1. Sarah C. said...
    What a blessing indeed! Such a beautiful family you have. :)

    BTW, you have me thinking of M&M McFlurries now. LOL
    All these B's and Me! said...
    What a BEAUTIFUL post! :o) Thanks for sharing.
    Davisix said...
    Oh how I love me some baby stories and pictures! Gave me goosebumps! And thank you for the kind comment today. It means a lot. xoxo Ang
    Tabitha Blue said...
    Such precious moments... and fun memories!!! Haha. Beautiful baby girl. They truly are gifts, miracles and angels!!!! Although those angels tend to get into so many things as they get bigger.


    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    That is a beautiful story. I love labor and birth stories! Mine was much much different, but good for you! haha. She is beautiful.
    Alicia said...
    Oh my gosh, I was at the edge of my seat!!!! LOL!

    She was a beautiful newborn baby!!!!!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Thank you for sharing. I love hearing about others birth stories. So neat! She was so perfect too! Still is an adorable little baby girl. A year zooms by doesn't it?
    Stesha said...
    Your family is so beautiful. Love the shirts your children are wearing.
    Cascia said...
    Such a wonderful story! I hope your baby has the best first birthday. Those are always a lot of fun.
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Come stop by my blog. I left you a little something special!

    Another great story!! Thanks for sharing!
    Florida Girl said...
    I love your birth story! What a beautiful memory! I can tell you are so excited about your little one's birthday- she is definitely a blessing to your family. Happy Birthday, Monkey! Way to go, Mom! I'm so happy for you. Jess
    McCrakensx4 said...
    How fast a year goes by! What a miracle you received from our God! Thanks for sharing your story; I love hearing baby stories!
    Lindsey said...
    I'm glad you shared that, I have a new appreciation for the struggle we women go through to get our treasures now. :-) Eight months ago I was going through all that!

    "The anesthesiologist has been in to double dose me 3 times at this point-- NOT WORKING!"

    This happened to me too! Ugh, so much pain and the epidural was NOT working.

    You remember details a lot better than I do! lol
    DanielleW said...
    I love birth stories. And I love to even say the word "epidural"

    You looked fabulous, btw!
    Mama M. said...
    Great story! And what a beautiful family you have!

    Babies are such an amazing blessing, and truly a miracle! I love looking at a baby, fresh from it's mommy and marvel, that, minutes earlier, this wonderful being was totally dependent on it's mama for life...and here it is eating, breathing, living all on it's own!


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