09 February, 2009

Weekend fun!

A big thanks from hubby to all the birthday wishes!! He had a very laid back and fun weekend! We got him an ice cream cake-- our personal favorite in our house! Saturday the boys had their annual PineWood Derby with the cub scouts! Princess entered it too in the sibling division! This year we didn't bring home any awards as in years past, but they had a lot of fun and that is what counted!! Here is my boy's car! I didn't get a picture of princess's car because after the race, it fell apart! :o( Her's was decorated with the American Girl Logo!

Getting the car inspected and weighed!

The Derby track! Pretty high tech official stuff going on!

My boy and his best bud after the race!!

Everyone had a great time. We ended the weekend with me sick with a head cold and "monkey" with a terrible cough and cold! Here we go again. I won't complain though, I will count my blessings! (and stock up on medication!) The bright side... no one was sick for Christmas or Monkey's first birthday!! :o)


  1. pam said...
    Oh, fun!! Matthew is going the races in the next couple of weeks.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    What a cool car. Derby races are so fun. Great pictures. Hope you all are feeling better soon.
    Robyn said...
    Cool car, he did a great job. Hope you are feeling better very soon.
    Alicia said...
    Oh I love Pinewood Derby time!!!!! His car looks good!!

    Hope you all feel better soon!!!

    All these B's and Me! said...
    Ahhh, the things to look forward too when my little one get's older. I bet that was so much fun. Feel better soon! :o)
    jubilee said...
    Impressive car!
    Jaime said...
    Sorry to hear you were/are sick! I hope you are better today! I've been away from the blogging scene and trying to catch up. What fun tradition. Wish I could have seen that American Girl car.

    Love ya!

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