09 February, 2009

Eagle Eye Review

It is time for another movie review-- This week our gift in the mail from Netflix was "EAGLE EYE" with Shia Labeouf and Michelle Monaghan. I try and alternate kids movies and "mommy/daddy" movies as we call them in our house! Yippee... it was our turn!

Eagle Eye was full of non-stop action! I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat till the end. It was a hard concept to wrap your brain around, though. The plot consisted of a "super computer" who grew a "brain" and was mad at the government for making a bad choice. "She " then tried to manipulate two people to assist in her plan to "de-throne" the current government and replace them with all new people! She uses "her" ability to hack the worldwide web and set things in motion. Kinda scary to think that one day our technological advances could come back and bite us in the behind! There are a lot of twists and turns a long the way! I don't want to give too much away, but it ends well. So for those of you afraid of sad or stinky endings, it is okay! My favorite line from the whole movie: "You disobey- you die!" :o)

This is definitely a "mommy/daddy" movie. I enjoyed the heart stopping action!!

What you do to protect your child?

You can get more information about the movie on their website! You can also visit my favorite "know it all" site Kids in Mind to find out just what is in the movie down to the swear words that they use and how many times!!


  1. He And Me + 3 said...
    We saw this movie at the dollar show and loved it. I was on the edge of my seat too.
    Thanks for sharing that site too. Great info.
    Robyn said...
    Sounds like a good movie, I will have to go rent it.
    4 Lettre Words said...
    We loved this one, too. It is jam-packed with action and I just think that Shia Labeouf is cute as a button!

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