10 February, 2009

Saying goodbye!

I am sure that everyone in this nation at this point knows what has been going on in our corner of the world here in Orlando. We are mourning the loss of Caylee Marie Anthony! If you don't know the details up until now, you can check out our local news station online! They have all the details there, which leads me into my next thought! What makes us so fascinated by THIS case that it is plastered all over the news? Nancy Grace makes it a nightly show? Our news websites have special sections dedicated to the case? We pretty much witness every portion of this case through the local and national media? It is crazy! Why wasn't the other missing/murdered children given this much coverage? I think it because due to the facts of this case, the murderer may turn out to be Caylee's mother, Casey. How could she-- we think? What snapped-- we ponder? I am a mother and I would never-- so we watch for justice. We watched from the moment she was reported missing and the terrible assumptions started coming in . We searched for her in every child we saw. I blogged about finding her many months ago. We connect ourselves to this case on a personal level. We take it personal. We invest in what we care or are impassioned by. This enaged our spirits into deep mourning when she was found dead in a garbage bag with ducktape around her mouth. I am guilty of this. I watch because I want to KNOW that justice is being done for Caylee! I watch because it sent fire to my soul to hear that this baby suffered. I think a big part of the fascination started with the media. Had they not covered it so much 24/7, we wouldn't be so engaged. That being said. There is a purpose!

Our town is mourning! So today the family held a public service to honor Caylee's short little life. I like many hundreds, maybe thousands, of people watched from my home. At first, I couldn't believe that they would take 2 hours of our day from regular programming to air this service. Who are they to do this? What makes their service any different than the murdered child on the other side of town? So I watched to find out. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, on my knees, crying my eyes out! The LORD was in that place-- HE was holding every family member in his arms-- HE had a message HE wanted us to hear! Now hundreds, maybe thousands were going to hear this message! It was a message of HOPE! Thanks to the Anthony family, the Lord's message of Salvation- the message that there is one way to the Father- the message that Lord is the Peace that passes all understanding was bringing a community and a nation to their knees! HIS message was being spilled over the airways of numerous radio, media, and tv outlets!! Think of the people HE has reached today that because they connected with a little girl, they will now hear that there is HOPE in Jesus Christ!

It was a beautiful service! I couldn't stop the waterfall on my face. Despite your feelings or judgements about this case, it was a time to celebrate a little gift from God that is touching so many! I am so guilty of passing judgement on Caylee's mother Casey. No matter the outcome of the trial, Casey Anthony is still loved by her creator! She still deserves only to be judged by God, not man. I am making an intentional choice today to honor Caylee by forgiving her murderer, holding judgement , and remembering that Caylee loved her mama so very much! I pray our town finds peace, compassion, forgiveness and comes together in unity. It is a shame that tragedy has to strike to bring people together, but what the enemy means for evil, the Lord turns for good. He will redeem this tragedy in some way! Pray for the Anthony family and those touched by this case.

I am going to hold my children a little tighter, kiss them a little longer, look into their eyes a little deeper and not take one single minute for granted. I don't want to say, " if only I had one more day!"


  1. Jill said...
    Thank you for this post. I must admit I am guilty of all that you said. I need to remember the phrase, 'do not judge, lest ye be judged.'
    Jill said...
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    He And Me + 3 said...
    Great post. Thank you for posting it...that is awesome that the Lord was shared through this tragedy. & what Satan meant for bad, God changed for good. This sweet little girl is with Jesus & maybe many more will come to know Him through this service.
    Children are a blessing.
    Wendy said...
    I was actually in Florida when they started airing coverage of this horrible senseless crime and since I have a Kaileigh of my own was quickly obsessed. My husband ridicules me nightly because I DVR Nancy Grace to find out if any updates have been revealed. Not because I am nosey, like you, I feel this NEED to see Justice. So many people have their very strong opinions on the subject and can get heated, and I think so many times the focus comes off of that angelic little girl and that someone needs to finally do right by her. I think today was a start and I am glad the family let so many people who love her say goodbye. Thank you for this post!!!! It was really great to read!!!
    Debra said...

    God bless your sweet heart. I'm so glad you posted this.

    Hugs to you!
    All these B's and Me! said...
    Great post Kelly!

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