07 November, 2008

The song by Steven Curtis Chapman, "Cinderella", has such a good message for daddys!! ( you can hear it in my music player in the left sidebar!) Dads these days are so busy taking care of their families by working that sometimes they neglect to cherish the little times together with their kids, especially their little girls. I am forever trying to remind my husband to take the time to "talk" to his little girl, to "share", to just "be" with her!! The Lord gives us such a great picture of the love of a father. We need to exemplify that with our kids and especially with our girls. A daddy /daughter relationship is SO crucial!! It can shape the way they view themselves as a woman later in life, the kinds of relationships they will have with men, the way they conduct themselves around men, and the type of man they will choose to marry! My hubby takes my girl out on daddy dates when he can, but the best moments are the impromptu,
just havin' fun moments!!

Like last night when they were listening to the HSM 3 soundtrack, my girl was dancing around. Daddy jumped in and danced with his Cinderella!! I couldn't help but capture this small moment that, telling by her face, meant the world to her!!

Please dads... don't forget to dance with your Cinderellas!! Soon the clock will strike midnight and she will be gone!! I bet when Steven wrote this song he would never know how true it would ring out for him and his family. You only get one life and one chance!!


  1. Brittani said...
    What sweet pictures! I agree that we don't take enough time to truly appreciate the blessings we have been given. Thankfully, my husband is VERY good at this. He adores his kids! I am so very thankful that God gave my babies a daddy like Mat...how blessed we are :-)
    Debra said...

    This is such a beautiful post! And come back to my place when you get a minute ... you've been tagged!

    And my son's team was East Ridge, they played Ocoee. We are in Lake County ... are we close? That would be sooo cool!
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    What a sweet post and sweet daddy!

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