26 August, 2008


For those of you who haven't caught Disney 365 with the kids in it...

Here it is for your viewing pleasure! If you have forgotten what the kids were wearing, go here and view the pictures and description of the day! They are in the background in several spots, but the best opportunity to see them is while Jason and Micky are playing the game. My girl is to the right of Jason dancing and my boy is between Jason and Micky. He is dancing (sort of) and then looks at the camera!

The quality isn't great, but ...



  1. Jaime said...
    I saw your sweet dancing STARS! That is so much fun! I will have to show Annalise. Unfortunately, she will probably get mad because she won't be able to see them that well. Better yet, I'll just tell her about it :) Darn those frustrated first borns!

    Excited for your kids!

    Jackie Sue said...
    That must have been so much fun for them. Thanks for sharing...tell them Mrs Wimberly thought they did a great job.

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