27 August, 2008

I know today is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I have way too many words in my head and heart today! I was watching Good Morning America this morning and was completely touched, convicted, and challenged by a young girl named Jessica Stone.

Jessica has a disease that causes tumors to grown along her nervous system. The most current tumor is in her brain stem. In order to remove it to save her life, she will go completely deaf. She had 30 days to deal with the impending surgery and loss of hearing for the rest of her life. She went to the beach and sat for hours listening to the ocean roar. She spent time with her family just listening to their precious voices. She walked in the woods to hear the birds. She went to the concert of her favorite musician. Every day dealing with the idea that she will never hear these things again. How would you spend your 30 days? I was brought to tears as she was wheeled into surgery on that fateful day. The last thing she heard was her mom saying, "I love you!"

Lord , please forgive me for taking my hearing for granted. Forgive me for getting frustrated with sounds I don't want to hear. Thank you for my hearing! Thank you for your beautiful creation to hear. Thank you for every laugh, word, and complaint.

I challenge myself:
I will no longer take for granted the birds I hear.
I will no longer pretend to change my name so I can't hear "mom, she hit me".
I will no longer get frustrated when the baby wake up at 3am or throws a fit.
I will no longer get mad when the phone rings at 9pm and I KNOW it is a telemarketer.
I will no longer get mad when someone comes to me with their gripes.
I will no longer say to my kids, " I don't want to hear it."
I will no longer get mad when the dog barks at the other dogs coming into the yard.
I will no longer get upset when my hubby comes home and says, " where's dinner?"
I will no longer get mad when the neighbor has loud music playing at 2 am. ( I will be polite!)

I WILL take 10 minutes a day to just listen!!

What would I miss the most?
My kids saying "I love you, mom".
My little one's first word.

For 30 days I would just sit and listen to my family's precious voices, savor each giggle, love each moment, and hold on to every I love you!

I would love to hear from you!!

What would you miss the most? How would you spend your 30 days?

On a happy note, the doctors has said that Jessica is a candidate for the cochlear implants. Her surgery is next month. Thanks Jessica for inspiring me and challenging me to for forever grateful for my many blessings. Hearing being one of them!!


  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    What a cute post!! Love it.
    Your little one is so cute.

    What a great thing to think about though. Wow. I think I would miss hearing great worship music and the sound of my girls laughing.

    Wow, almost makes me want to cry thinking about it.
    Jaime said...
    Wow! What a powerful post! I had tears flowing from the sweet things you had written. And things we hear that we take for granted. Ouch! Icredible stuff Kelly!!!

    My challenges:
    Husband's Loud Snoring :)
    My Alarm Clock!
    Allison's screaming frustrations when trying on big shoes!
    Annalise crying when she has to enter the bathtub with a small scratch or bruise on her feet!

    The things I would want to hear as much as possible in 30 days:
    My kids singing (Allison tries so hard),
    Morning sounds in the mountains,
    Jarrett's guitar playing,
    Kids laughter,
    A Loud crowd of people singing their hearts out in worship!

    Wow, there's a lot I'd love to listen to!

    Great post!!!
    Kelly said...
    Great challenge and sweet video! I would miss talking w/John the most!
    mommy zabs said...
    oh you made me cry. I will be thankful for my newborn's cry.
    DanielleW said...
    I have thought of if I was given the choice, what would I chose between, site or hearing. I still can't make up my mind. It seems as soon as I think that I could get by without one, I think of something that I would miss out on.

    I think I would miss hearing laughter the most for hearing and seeing my son grow up.

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