26 August, 2008

I am a complete Christmas freak! It is the "most wonderful time of the year!" I usually go crazy with decorations and festivities, maybe to make myself forget that "I'm dreaming of a white christmas!" This year I am making it my mission to have a frugal Christmas and be a better steward of what I am given!

To start, I shop for christmas ALL year long. The kids are always saying , I would like that for Christmas. I tell them put it on your wish list. They write it on their wish list and then as the year goes on, I keep an eye on sales, ebay, garage sales, thrift stores etc. I usually get what they would like for extremely cheap. I then store it in my gift closet. Funny, after 5 years of living in this house... they still don't know it is there! :o) The key here is also to keep a log of what you put in the gift closet. I write everything down under each child's name so I don't overspend or forget I bought it and buy it again!! This concept for me is two- fold. Yes, I save $$ all year long, but when November- December comes around-- my shopping is pretty much done. I can then relax, focus on the reason of the season, take part in holiday festivities, and share the love of Christ through "compassion" projects.

This year the kids and I are going to make a lot of our gifts! I can't wait! I LOVE handmade gifts. I think they are so much more special and personal. So for our teacher gifts this year, we are making marshmallow snowmen angel ornaments! Aren't the cute?!

We are going to attach a little flag that reads, "teachers are angels in human form!" I found them on sale at Oriental Trading for $2.47 a dozen! That cover ALL my kids' teachers!! Can it get any better than that?!

We will also be making our gifts for our family and friends! (once I figure out what those will be, I will let you know-- well maybe not since family and friends read my blog! :o) I can't wait to get started. This is great time in this busy world to sit the kids down and talk, bond, reconnect, do a craft, and be frugal at the same time!!


  1. Jaime said...
    We have finished all of our kids shopping also...including nieces/nephews! Since my closet is packed tight, we have gifts hidden everywhere...under the bed, in the dresser, attic, and in their rooms (ha! they have no idea)! I love the craft idea. I will need to check out Oriental Trading for some inexpensive ideas also! Thanks for the tip!

    Dearest Jessica said...
    Great ideas!

    What a great craft, we don't have a dozen teachers, but I bet they have something for her friends we could do.

    Very fun!

    FIY...great new page, I have you in the readers and have not seen it in a while!
    Anonymous said...
    Cuteness. You'll have to submit this when I get my "Christmas carnival" ready! Thanks for stopping by!
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    When you figure out what you are doing for family, let me know that too.

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