20 August, 2008

So a while ago, the kids were given the chance to be in a taping of DISNEY 365 for the Disney channel. D365 is an informational segment that airs on the disney channel between and during show breaks. It usually talks about new and exciting things coming from disney. This one is advertising the new Hannah Montanna and Cheetah Girls Nintendo DS games. To set the scene... they were at a dance party to celebrate the release of the games. The host is usually paired with a disney channel celebrity. This time it was Jason Earles of Hannah Montanna! The kids were in heaven! They quickly found out that show biz is hard work. They had to dance and stop, dance and stop, rewind, dance... etc.

They were very tired and the taping took most of the day, but they were rewarded with meeting Jason Earles. He took the time to sign autographs and talk to EVERY kid there! The segment has started airing on the Disney channel. You can see the kids if you look for them and know what they are wearing! The clips are fast so by the time you find the kids, the clip moves on. You may have to watch it a couple of times. (it airs several times a day for the month of August.) We are attempting to get a "digital copy" of the taping, and I will try to post it if I can!

The kids are so grateful for this once in a lifetime experience. I have posted pics that I took at the actual taping for you to see! (if you recieve my blog in a reader, you may have to go to the actual blog to see the photos!)


  1. Brandi said...
    How cute are they? What a fun day! I love it. . I hope you can get a copy of it to post here!

    Love ya,
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    How fun!!
    We've done a couple 'background' things at Disney with a casting company. It was SO much fun. But like you said.. very tiring.
    Every once in awhile we see ourselves when the travel channel does stuff about Disney. There's me walking into Mexico, my dd walking out of Germany and my other daughter riding Dinosaur.
    I would love to do more, but haven't heard from them in awhile.

    Let me know if you ever need company for something like this :-)

    Hope your staying dry!!
    Jaime said...
    How stinkin' awesome is that!!! I will be watching for them! We are disney channel fanatics! Annalise will be so jealous!

    Samantha said...
    How cool. We just saw that little show today. My mom ( under the florida sun) said your kids where in it! looks like they had fun!


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