01 April, 2011

I can not even tell you how badly I needed a beach day!  I just love the enormous vastness that the ocean is and that my God has created it !  I feel closer to him almost when I am there... well when I am not being pulled in a hundred directions, and I am not hearing "mom" all day long! :o)  I do love the view from my chair though!  My kids playing in front of me enjoying God's playground!  I don't we think we realize how much he has given to us as "free" entertainment!

Today we packed up after 2 days of being cooped up in the house on spring break because of nasty weather and headed to the coast!  My parents, brother , and his 2 kids joined us as well!  It was SO windy because of the outgoing weather front!  But the skies were clear , not a cloud in the sky, and the humidity was low!  It was just perfect!

Guess what?  I even got to take a LONG walk on the beach by myself!  BOO YAH!!!  Just me and my thoughts... yoikes...yes, I do have them from time to time-- not always pretty, my IPOD ,  and my God!     As I walked further down the beach the crowds of people started to diminish, and it was quiet and peaceful!  I was pretty much a lone.. well me and a few hundred seagulls that looked like they were up to no good!  Hundreds flocked above my head!  All I could do was pray they didn't poop on my head!  ;o)  It was a pretty great time except when I am a lone with my thoughts, my heart, and God... we tend to wrestle!   I really have to get to the beach by myself more often! 

The kids had a great time with their cousins!!  The highlight of their day was rescuing a fish stuck in the sand!  :o)  I did come home with a pound of sand in places I did NOT need sand and pretty good sun burn!  Enjoy the pics!  You can click on them and they will enlarge!
Don't really care for this pic of me, but she was so darn excited to go to the beach and so cute too!  Yah, whatever... you can't take the "hick" out of a PA girl, no matter how long she has lived in FL!
This was my dear son's dream come true!!!
To bury his sister!
Hanging out with some friends!!
The kids, the cousin, and me on the jetty!  Yup, still a "hick"!
Monkey's dream come true!  To be the little mermaid!  She kept repeating the lines from the movie as daddy was burying her!  So funny!!

Hope you all had a blessed Friday!
Love you all!!!

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  1. Dearest Jessica said...
    Great Pictures! What beach is that? The water is beautiful!

    I deleted my facebook except for family, glad you have a blog so I can keep up with your sweet family. :)

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