23 December, 2010

Hey all…

Hope you are all ready for Christmas! I think I am ready! Oh wait… I have to wrap everything? Oh boy!!!

Getting "wired" up!!!
Just wanted to update you on our visit today with the cardiac doc. And her running stress test! She did really well on the test… the results… since neither the stress test nor the holter monitor tests revealed any sort of arrhythmia we are still uncertain the severity of the extra electrical pathway. So next thurs, December 30th, she will be going to APH for an EP study. (electrophysiology study) Essentially, it will map the electrical system of her heart from the inside. They will find the circuit and attempt to force it into an arrhythmia. If it is not able to be tripped into an arrhythmia then the circuit is benign. They won’t need to do anything—chances are she will just live with it with no issues. If the circuit is able to be tripped into an arrhythmia then it is a malignant pathway which then will require them to ablate the circuit which will cure her completely. They will go in the same day under the same sedation and ablate it on the spot. No extra visit. This will be all done under sedation and is an outpatient procedure. SO we will be at APH for the day! Gonna pack me a lunch!

Go girl GO!!!

She is still on Christmas break so need to miss school. The new year will indeed be a fresh new year!!! SO glad we will go into 2011 with answers!!

Either way, the outcome will be good in the long run. You can’t put a price tag on piece of mind! (the whole “what can’t she do, what if her heart rate rises?” stuff doesn’t do a mom good!) Either it will be taken care of or nothing will need to be done! I am a little freaked out by the concept of ppl going into my girls body for what I feel is an invasive procedure and being put under sedation, but I am VERY confident in the awesome doctors that we have. I know she is in good hands. I will still be a nervous momma in the waiting room until I can see her and all is well… but I won’t be alone! The Lord is my stronghold!

Please pray for us on Thursday! Haylee is in great spirits and really is very “whatever” about the whole thing. I am so grateful that we have found this so early. As she gets older , this could have been a much different complicated situation. The Lord is good!

Thanks everyone… we will keep you posted! Have a very merry Christmas!!


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