16 December, 2010

Santa's dry run!

Part of our "festivities" for Christmas is the much anticipated SANTA RUN!  This is where the local fire and police departments escort Santa's sleigh throught all our local neighborhoods!  They come with sirens blaring and loud christmas music so you have no doubt he is on the way!  Monkey was convinced that he was bringing her gift to her tonight.  We finally had her convinced that he was only doing a drive by to make sure he knew where she lived so when he comes on christmas eve, he knows exactly where he is going!!!  Here is her reaction to hearing the sirens!!!!

Here is the actual event!!!  She was so excited!! Yes, I appears that I am just as excited!!  :o) (and can't carry a tune!)
The very first year we moved in, I had no idea that our town did this, so of course when I heard all the sirens getting louder and louder, and saw the lights... I was sure my house on fire!  :o)  Happy to say that was the start of an awesome tradition!!!
Have  a great weekend!
HO HO HO!!!!!


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