30 November, 2010


So I said in my last post that we were having some pretty stressful challenges lately!  On of which was the van and the transmission issues!  Well, mucho bucks later... the transmission is fixed.  It actually purrs like a kitten!!  :o)  Here's hoping we can get a couple more years out of it!

I won't bore you to tears with all the little mini challenges that seem trivial to others, but stressed me to the max... so I will just get to the big challenge that faces us now!

Our pediatrician always has her 9-10 year old patients go and get a routine “sports ekg” to determine if there are any heart issues before the kids get into sports.  She has seen too many kids go undiagnosed with heart issues and die on the football field.  One of the  many reasons I love our pediatrician!!  Sometimes what seems to me to be "over the top" actually helps us cut things off before they get really out of control!!  I am all about trusting your pediatrician, but....  you are the parent who knows and loves your kids like no one other!  You, your child, and the Lord have the final say in their care!

We took Princess for her ekg last week.  It came back that she has what is called Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome.  In as little words as possible, it is a form of tachycardia.  Her heart’s electrical system fires with an extra circuit and runs the risk of  “short circuiting out”.  That sounds incredibly scary, I know it did for me.  I think my stomach sank into my feet… but the symptoms of this syndrome usually don’t rear its ugly head until age 11-20 so we are catching it early.  It also just means for now that she can’t participate in sports that will increase her heart rates.  The faster the heart beats the more chance it has to short circuit. 

At this point , we don’t know how severe it is.  We are waiting to go see the  pediatric cardiac specialist on Dec. 8th.  We will need to find out what this will mean for her life and if it can be cured!  (in some cases they can go in and “zap” the extra circuit so it doesn’t fire anymore letting the regular circuits fire in the correct sequence!)  It may also mean NOTHING at all!!!  That is my personal prayer!

I am in utter awe at how the Lord over the past week has shown me the amazing way He has handcrafted her little body!  Princess, as you know, has turned her passions more toward the arts and entertainment with the shows she has been in lately.  I can see the Lords fingerprints and handiwork all over this situation.  If this condition means NO sports for her... I think the Lord may have just taken care of that! 

I am at a place , after the initial fear, uncertainty, questioning what this means, and nauseating feeling... that I can very much say that I am so peaceful about this!  God has got this!  After that appointment that she had the ekg at, I found myself all day long cranking up the Pandora with Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, & all my favorite worship songs!!!  I really am at peace!  I just love the Lord for doing that for me!  Don't get me wrong, I still fear & worry... this is my little girl!  However, the difference now is that I can get back to that peaceful place a lot easier when I worship Him!!!

"Three of the most life-changing words in the entire Bible are 'Praise the
Lord'. Praise is the key that releases God's character back into even
the ugliest of attitudes and darkest of situations." Lysa TerKeurst

 I love that!!!  No matter our circumstances, attitudes, or challenges... just praise HIM!  

I will keep you all updated on how her appointment goes!!! Pray for continued peace, wisdom, and healing if He so chooses!!

Love you all!

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  1. Largaespada Family said...
    Sweet girl! Love that she is into the arts and entertainment! Very Fun! Very gifted little girl! I have a friend who's daughter is in dance with a condition very similar. She is doing really well! I will be praying for the appointment on Wednesday Kelly! Keep us updated!

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