26 November, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!  Things were pretty regular here!  Daddy was in Philly doing their thanksgiving day parade, and we woke up and all watched it together in our PJ's!!!  (even though it was 83 degrees!) Grammy, Pappy, Uncle, and cousins arrive around 2 ish.  We ate our gutts out all day long.  Dinner quickly approached--Table set, food on, napkins in our laps & Daddy waked in the door from Philly just in time!!!  We truly have A LOT to be thankful for this year!  In an economy that is pretty much tanked, the LORD has continually provided for us financially!   Hubby still has his job that he loves and was born to do.  
I am so thankful for family near by.  When times come that I need someone to watch the kids in a pinch... they are there!  It is also very cool to have cousins close for my kids to grow up with!  I am so thankful that I can have so much peace in Jesus Christ... He has and is really testing me right now through many different challenges! (  I will save that for another post!)   I know that through Him, I can take on the world!  

Well, enough with the commentary!  I know you family members only care about the pics so here you go!!!

 My dad... doing some cleaning up!!  Love it!
 Me, grabbing some refreshment!!!
 Can't we eat our meal backwards.... I can't wait!!!

The day after Thanksgiving is the traditional "go crazy and decorate the house in a day" event!!!  Mission accomplished!!  Christmas... bring it on!  It was all worth it to hear Monkey tell the Christmas trees goodnight!!  :o)
 Getting the tree done!
 We have a new tree this year... it is very tall!!!!
 The family room tree!
 The living room tree!  Sorry  it is so dark!
This is the next tree to be replaced!
Happy Thanksgiving!  Love you all-- friends and family!


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