06 December, 2010

Princess for a day!!

If you are one of my FB friends, then this post will bore you! (since I have already posted most of these pics!)   This past week we have been busy!!  Fun busy, but busy!  On Thursday... we skipped school!  Yes, we did!!!  Princess was given the opportunity to be in the WDW Christmas Day Parade that is televised nationwide on ABC on Christmas morning!  She arrived for the filming and was given the total top to bottom princess treatment!  First a bibidi bobidi boutique makeover!!!

 Taking some pics with her adoring fans!!!  
Little sister is the biggest!
After her makeover was complete... it was parade time!  She is riding the castle float that hosts a lot of little princesses that comes at the end of the Disney princess' segment!  The talent that sings while she is riding the float is Amber Riley from GLEE!!! 
 Waving to her subjects!  :o)

One of my personal favorites!
After running the floats down main street USA for several times, plastering a smile on her face,and perfecting the princess wave... my princess was really tired.  Grateful , but tired!!!  They then took the girls to the Magic Kingdom rose garden for a photo shoot! 

  Be sure to watch ABC on Christmas morning for my princess-- oh and daddy's name will be in the credits!!  So proud of them both!


  1. Largaespada Family said...
    Wow! Look at her! That is INCREDIBLE!!! She is a BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!! We will definitely be watching!
    God's Girl said...
    Oh I love it! I worked at Disneyland for years and I still love the little princesses all dressed up.

    She is adorable!!!

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