26 July, 2010

Great Mascara!

I am a stickler when it comes to the mascara I use!!  Recently "BzzAgent" sent me Cover Girl lash blast fusion to try out!!!   I have to admit... I was sceptical that it would do anything different that any other "add volume plump em up" mascaras!  I was actually pleasantly surprised!

I love the thick round brush!!  Felt like I got all my lashes covered in one swish!! 
The brush grabbed all the lashes really easily!
It also didn't flake or rub off.  In the hot Florida sun , that is super important!  My lashes felt very full.  Not necessarily longer, but definitely fuller! 

I also like the big round tube. It is easy to hold, find, and grip!!
The mascara also lasted a long time!  I didn't feel like my lashes were heavy or clumpy at all!  Sometimes with other mascaras, I have felt like if I touch my lashes they are "course".  This made them still feel soft!
I even depended on Lash Blast Fusion to make my eyes stunning for a recent video shoot that my family and I were in last week!  I was camera ready with my new mascara!!!  

Overall... my review based on what cover girl claims:  fuller-- YES!!!  longer-- not necessarily! (may depend on your unique lashes!)
I was happy with the product and would definitely buy it!!


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