26 July, 2010

She has finally got it!!

Monkey is swimming like a pro!!!  We were on vacation in Ft. Myers and it just clicked!!  She jumps in, swims, rolls over for a breath, swims some more, and finds the wall/stairs!!  I am SO proud of her, and I just had to share it!!!  Thanks Ms. Ginny!!
The down side to this:  she LOVES the water so every opportunity she gets, she is in the water even I am NOT looking!  I have to watch her super close!  No amount of swimming lessons will be a substitution for supervision, but I am a little more confident that her skill will buy me a little time if an emergency happens!  Face it... it is hard to keep two eyes on all of your kids at one time.  We are human, but we can prepare ourselves and our children for any situation that may arise!  
Drowning is the number one killer of kids in Florida.
Enjoy my little mermaid!!!!


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