06 March, 2010

1. Friday night was daddy daughter date night with princess!! She was super excited! She got all dressed up, brushed her hair, put a flower in her hair, and waited patiently for daddy to get home from work! So cute! Daddy came home, parked the car, rang the doorbell, escorted his date to the car and off they went-- with a coupon and a gift card my frugal mind might add!!

2. Had a miracle happen this weekend!!!
3. We began some creative remodeling to allow the kids to have their own rooms! We need more space and have come the the decision that we need to be content where we are and make it work. The market in our area isn't feasible for us to sell. (bummer) We would have to take a loss. SO...we are tearing apart the play-media room and making it princess' new room! It is proving to be a challenge because the play room is a "loft" that isn't "walled" in, so we will be calling a contractor very soon. The other challenge I would like to tackle is keeping it "lofty", but yet still a room so that in the future when we do sell, buyers can see the room as either! I will keep you posted. (why do cameras make rooms look so small and people so BIG!!)

4. We were going to get a WII fit!? Hubby has been looking for really good deals, because we have wanted one for a LONG time. He found at Walmart.com, but said it was out of stock online, but one of our stores had some available. Okay... so we called the store that is 20 miles away and they said they had 3 available. Great ... we are on our way-- 20 miles away! Got over there, 20 miles away at dinner time with kids in the car, and they didn't have any! WHAT??? We drove 20 miles away because you told us yes , and now you say NO!! NOT a happy camper!

Have a great week!! This is FCAT week in FLORIDA,
so prayers for my two kiddos would be appreciated!!
On the FCAT bright side... the state of FL is teaming up with McDonald's to give ALL FCAT students a free breakfast from 6am to 9am on the first day of FCAT. (TUES) "I'm lovin' it!!"


  1. Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    hope FCAT goes smoothly for your kiddos. Can't wait to see the transformation of the room.
    MomLovesDeals said...
    See why I hate Walmart??? On a happier note, my brother lived in a loft (open to the dining room below with a staircase leading to the kitchen) for 4 years and he loved it. It was never walled in and he didn't mind at all. Maybe you can hang beaded curtains to make a faux wall and make it princess den.
    Julie said...
    FCAT, ugh! Absolutely my most unfavorite week of school in FL. On the bright side soon we will stop hearing the term FCAT contantly.
    That is so typical of WalMart. I try to avoid that place at all cost. LOL!
    Good-luck on the remodel. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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