01 March, 2010

A cub scout no more!!

WOW! Those words really hit me hard this weekend! My boy is now a Boy Scout! We had his Blue & Gold banquet w/ "arrow of light" and "crossover" ceremonies this weekend! We had a great banquet to honor the boys and the rest of the pack leaders. We then went down to the lake for the ceremonies! They are very symbolic. They actually shot "arrows of light" into the lake via bow and arrow! Then they walked across a bridge where the boy scout troop received them on the other side to welcome them into the troop! Very touching! Maintaining the family values that the scouts offer... the parents were with the boys every step of the ceremonies, right by their side! I am proud of both my boys! Daddy has been his scout leader since the beginning!This is my boy eating his face!! (from the above cake!)

Along with becoming a boy scout, he will inherit more responsibility and independence. This sort of terrifies Mom a bit!! Boy Scouts isn't like cub scouts where you go and the sit w/ the boys at their little den meeting. Nope, you drop them off and say have a good time-- unless you are one of the troop leaders which we have yet to determine! This, I believe, may be a defining year to see in what direction he will go. Will he stay with scouts, or choose to go another way? Either way, I am so proud of my boy! I loved sharing this weekend with him! (not to mention co-chairing the event! It was fun!!)

Crazy group of boys!!! Great job guys!

The sisters of our scouts! They received honorary arrow of light awards. These girls have pretty much attended EVERY event, memorized every scout promise, pledge, or creed and stood behind their brothers!! My princess LOVED her pink arrow and is so proud!!
Freezing our butts off at the lake waiting to shoot our arrow!

Arrow time!! He did GREAT!!

Congrats, babe!! I love you!!!


  1. Darcie said...
    That is so great...Congrats to him! Laughing about him eating his face. ;-)
    He & Me + 3 said...
    That is so cool. I want my son to be in cub scouts and boy scouts too. How fun. Congrats!

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