24 January, 2010

Meet Bella!

So... we now have added a guinea pig to our little family! The kids actually had been saving for a hamster since Princess came home wanting one. They actually had been doing well saving up their money! Then we made a trip to the pet store for some dog food. Then the debate started. Hamster vs. Guinea Pig! We went back and forth. Then like manna from the sky we had a guinea pig dropped in our lap! One of my friends said "hey we have a guinea pig that we need to give away since we are moving to a condo and can't take her with us." Ummm... We will take her!!!! The Lord really just worked it out. Guess the debate is over-- guinea pig wins! Now the kids have a "Bella fund" that holds $$ to help pay for her supplies. Friends ROCK!!

She is so cute!! The kids LOVE her!! They talk to her, feed her, clean out her cage, say goodnight every night, and are so grateful! Monkey is over the moon. She gets her towel and says" mommy hold please"! She is actually very gentle with her. She stands on her stool and talks to her! When she is sleeping, better not make noise. Monkey is there putting the finger to the mouth saying, "shhhhhh" nite nite!!

We certainly have come a long way since wanting the snake... blah!!
Thanks Lord for small blessings!!


  1. He & Me + 3 said...
    What a cutie. My daughter wants a tarantula spider. Yuck. Not my idea of a fun pet. Stunt Man thinks it is G-force
    Christina said...
    You know... Bella really is pretty cute. Good luck with the new family addition.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    I thought of G-Force when I saw the first pic too...she is really very cute and her name is fitting I think! Great job on saving some mulah for her supplies! Have fun with her! I am such a mean mom...no pets here!
    Darcie said...
    ..awww...Bella is adorable. Enjoy!

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