09 December, 2008

I love ALL God's creatures and know they each have been created for their own unique purpose in the circle of life BUT.... I draw the line!! My line in the sand is drawn. My feet are planted. My NO is ready and willing to come off my tongue.
I am prepared to hear the gnashing of teeth and whining.

My son came home from school yesterday and has decided that he would like a snake for a pet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I spend my days chasing them out of my garden, off my porch, and away from the dog. I HATE snakes. (I revert to my opening statement!) I like them them because the do keep the bug population down, but there are NO bugs in my house.
He is begging me every minute. He is promising me that he will take care of it. He told me that he will go on "probation" to show me that he can take care of it. He has set up a box in the playroom with a play snake in it to show me what it would be like.

Okay... just a few things wrong with this picture... Hello... no lid on it. I have nightmares that the thing will get out of the box and attack my baby in bed. (ya think I watch too much tv?) No sugar plums dancing in my head, the snake ate them! There is no food in the box. Oh, because he has to go outside and collect disgusting bugs, lizards, God knows whatever else to feed the thing. Ewww, what if the food for the snake gets loose in my house. I will be infested with bugs and lizards and have to move out to have the house fogged/bombed!

He then looks at my aquarium and says, "when the fish die, I could use that aquarium for my snake!.... wait..... that won't be big enough!" WHAT??????? Our 30 gallon aquarium is not big enough for the snake. We are NOT even entertaining getting a boa constrictor or python here. And he says, "I can take it out and play with it!" Oh, I hope the dog eats it. Did I just write that? Correction... I hope the dog doesn't eat it!

Okay, so I told him we wouldn't even consider this unless he shows us that he can keep his room clean. (that is probably where he would keep it and I don't want to look through a battle zone when he loses the snake in his room. (oh, I am getting nauseated just thinking about it) He also can not complain about taking care of the dog and cat. Yup, we already have pets. Just call me Dr. Doolittle. He also has to do research online to find the best "pet" snake that doesn't bite... well basically do anything! One that eats vegetation would be good too. Oh, and it has to clean up it's own shedded skin. Ewww... :o) Don't get me wrong, I think the little ones are kinda cute, but out in the yard or in the tree... NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

Am I being unrealistic? Do you have pet snakes? Is it a boy thing that is a phase that will (please) go away? I will keep you posted on his progress and my therapy session! I ask you Son, what happened to the cute little turtle you asked for a while ago. I am guessing I should have given in to the turtle!!


  1. Alicia said...
    LOL! I was LOL'ing at the picture of the box w/ the snake in it!!!! I have to give him some props for trying!!

    But, I'm w/ ya on the reasons why "not" to have a snake! That would totally creep me out too. And can you imagine if it got loose and you couldn't find it? You would never be able to relax not knowing where it is! Ewwww!!

    Okay..sorry, I probably just made it more impossible for your son to get one now. :)
    Kelly said...
    I am right there with you. NO snakes in the house! Not now, now ever. At least not as a welcomed pet/visitor.
    Julie said...
    I am on your side! I have a very strick mammals only pet policy in our house. All pets that come into our house must have 4 legs
    (only 4 legs), hair, and be warm blooded. I prefer dogs, cats, and a horse if we had the space. Bugs, birds, snakes, etc are wonderful to see outside or at the zoo! ;-)
    Kelly said...
    I'm thinking give in to the turtle idea. I can't imagine a snake for a pet, but I think most boys go through this phase...but I'm def not an expert on this! I love his creativity with the trial snake in the box though!
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    I don't think they are all that bad :) The worst part to me is the feeding. That kinda grosses me out. But, I had friends with pet snakes growing up and I loved to hold them. I just don't like the wild ones in the yard.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    All I can say is...never in a million years in this house. Deadly afraid of snakes. Ewww, i am getting all goose bumpy and chilly thinking about it. Good luck with that one:)
    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    Wow, I would have to say no, not at all! I would not have it!

    I do have to admit that the little box set up is cute.. haha..
    Kim said...
    Jake wants a snake and I told him he could have one...when he gets his own house!
    Debra said...

    You are a better Mom than me...I am terrified of snakes and couldn't have done it. I can hear your fear but you didn't succumb..I am truly in awe...how did you do that? I have sweaty palms just looking at the picture! oh my!

    You have an award on my blog. Happy Tuesday, sweet one.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    LOL F.U.N.N.Y. You should have given into the turtle. Never in a million years in my house! Thankfully my boys have never gone into that phase and hoping they never will! Good luck with that one! Y.U.C.K.!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Ugh. You poor thing. I would drawing the line too. Having boys is a totally different life I'm sure. I guess your going to come across these things a few more times as he grows up. Good luck with this. Keep us posted.
    gina said...
    lol- how funny was that box with the snake in it.

    Thnak God I have all girls- and none of them like snakes!
    Jaime said...
    With the exception of the "Monkey Comparison" post, this has to be your funniest one yet!

    Honestly, I would have a hard time allowing his to even keep the fake snake in the box. It freaks me out!

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