29 January, 2010

So I logged into my google reader for the first time in a LONG time! I know... "shame on me"! I discovered how bad of a blogger I really am. I discovered how busy I am. I discovered that ... well... I am the worst blogger friend ever!

Please forgive me! I will try and do better!! To my dedicated blogger friends... don't fail me now! :o) I LOVE you all! You do keep me blogging, just knowing that you are there encourages me!!

Oh yah... I think I will "mark as read" all 1200 posts! Feels so good to start from scratch!!

Have a good weekend all!


  1. MomLovesDeals said...
    And to think, you're one of the only people I thought was reading my blog! It's ok, I still love you!!
    Darcie said...
    Too funny! You have a great weekend too!
    The Real Me! said...
    I usually use my dashboard to check blogs. Because it puts the newest on top and then I work my way down. I hardly ever go into my google reader either!
    He & Me + 3 said...
    I have been missing from commenting for two days and am so far behind. Ugh. Good luck.

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