01 February, 2010

Random weekend thoughts!

  • Our printer stinks! This is really not good for my coupon obsession!
  • Girls night out.... must have! Thanks girls! - note to self- don't drink too much ice tea before sitting down to a movie in the middle of the row!
  • Submarines DO need fins to successfully navigate the ocean! Great job, honey!!
  • Doggy thinks guinea pig is a tasty snack! (she licked , licked, licked Bella and then tried to put her mouth around her head.)
  • If you have generally healthy child and have missed very little school... they WILL be sick and miss class picture day at school.
  • The macarena and cha cha slide are more fun watching kids do it on stage!! (kids' talent show at school!)
  • Don't believe your kids when they say they don't like something to eat. Chances are they do and don't know it yet. TACO BELL 79 cent cheese roll ups, baby!!
  • When playing Wii sports, make sure all spectators are safely secure on the couch before swinging... I backhanded MONKEY into a full face plant while playing tennis! First I gasped in horror, made sure she was okay, and then laughed my butt off!
  • If the pantry door is moving by itself, it usually means someone is hiding in there. My boy hiding in the pantry crouched down with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. "honey , if you were THAT hungry... just tell me and I will give you some bread and water!"
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Darcie said...
    You are my kind of mom...bread and water. ;-) LOL!!!
    Alicia said...
    How cute!! "Hey Macarena!!!"

    LOL about the Wii. I've done that to my daughter too!!! I felt so bad, and then annoyed that she was in my way. LOL, just kidding.
    He & Me + 3 said...
    Oh my word I have done the same thing while playing the wii. Too funny.
    Loved the video.
    Suzi said...
    Thanks for stopping by! My 2 little youngest kids LOVE THEM SOME CHEESE ROLLUPS FROM TACO BELL! What is different about those than what we can do at home or getting a quesadilla somewhere? I have not a clue but let me tell you, those boys can tear up some cheese rollups for sure! We have a wii incident too...when we first got ours, one of my oldest son's friends was here and he accidentally let go of the remote, it flew up, hit the fan and shot across the room into the wall, it left a nice wii shaped dimple in the sheetrock! Love the Science Fair project. Ours is due next month! Oh my! Next month? That means we had better get busy! Happy Monday! Hope to "see" you again soon!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    I have hit my boys a few times playing the Wii too...whoops! First you make sure they are ok and then you laugh!! And fun dancing and singing!! I need a GNO...it's been awhile! Have a great week!

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