12 September, 2009

Night of Joy!!

Night of Joy at Disney's Hollywood Studios was a success!! Well, for us at least! I can't speak for everyone else!! The rain held off, the night was a bit muggy- but cool... and I got to see my favorite artist! CHRIS TOMLIN!! His concert was amazing! The spirit was movin'!! I think hubby's work and lack of being at home -paid off. I think if one person could be touched by this event and call it a success... he did a great job! Here is Monkey... she cracked me up!! She did this the entire first song. She wouldn't let me hold onto her because she kept switching from patting her legs to clapping and then raising her hands!! We LOVE Chris Tomlin!!

The kids were troopers. Not without some complaints that they were tired and hot, but they hung in there! We stayed to see Chris Tomlin, saw a bit of Kutless, and then watched our worship pastor play in the talent showcase! He did very well... btw!! You can check out his music HERE!

We then went over to the Boardwalk hotel to spend the night. Thank the Lord , I didn't have to drag the kids home at 11:30pm. It was just a short jaunt across the street! We woke up in the morning to pouring rain, so no fun in the sun at the hotel. We walked around and hung out in the arcade for a bit and let daddy get some more sleep! Then off to home!!
Great little weekend!!
My boy turns 11 this week, so we have family coming in from out of town and some good fun planned!! Till then...


  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    She is soo cute!! And a nights stay at the Boardwalk!! How fun!!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Monkey is the cutest thing ever!! And I am not gonna lie...just a tad jealous...How cool to be able to see that! And too have your hubby in on it all...fun fun fun!
    He & Me + 3 said...
    I attended one Night of Joy oh so long ago and still remember it. What fun. i love Chris Tomlin. He is awesome. Monkey is precious.

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