28 June, 2009

1. The boys went camping with the scouts again! Yes, it is stinkin' hot, but they are at the Ritz Carlton of camp grounds. If it gets really bad, they can sleep in the bathrooms that are so clean you could eat off their floors!! I am referring, of course, to Ft. Wilderness at Disney!!

2. That dumb lizard that we call "no tail" was caught Friday. Hubby walked him outside and put him in the palm tree. Wouldn't you know it... that dumb thing ran right down the tree and back into the porch. (guess the eatin' is good in there or something!) In our attempts to get him out, he ran ... into the house. OH STINK!!!!!! Now he is hiding somewhere under the sofa in the family room. AHHH!!!

3. My girl is deperately trying to stop sucking her thumb. We have given her the final chance to quit by August 4th! Why that date? Because Daddy has another business trip to Chicago, and we all know what is in Chicago. American Girl Store! This happens to be a trip that we may ALL be able to go with him. Keep your fingers crossed. I know she is trying hard!

4. We had a really quiet and laid back Sunday! Haven't done that in a while! SO you see not a very exciting weekend! I am so thankful for those!! :o)


  1. He And Me + 3 said...
    That lizard story is too funny. Hope you catch it.
    If you come in August to Chicago...let me know...maybe the girls and I will come meet you. They love that store and we love the train and chicago. :)
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    if you have to camp in the middle of the summer... Ft. Wilderness is the place to do it

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