01 June, 2009

One of my dear friends, Brandi, has written an incredible post and an impassioned plea on her blog! This girl has a love and passion for Africa , more specifically, Uganda where her adopted son is from. She has visited the country she cries for and really needs our help!! I got this email from her today ! Please take time to read it and read the POST on her BLOG !! You can click here to go to her blog or click the button on the side entitled "Feed the Forgotten"! You think we are bad off in a recession... our recession affects them in a big way!!

On a side note... she is also selling paperbead necklaces that the Ugandan women made! She brought a bunch home from Uganda on her last trip there! I have one and wear it all the time. I get so many compliments on it!! It is a great tool to open up the conversation about Uganda! Every dollar goes to HOPE CHEST UGANDA

This is the email I got:
I just wrote a very important post. Most people won't read it until Monday, but I wanted to give you a heads up.There is an urgent need in Uganda. Two of the districts Children's HopeChest is getting ready to launch ministry in are in dire need of food. They are literally starving to death. Read the article from AllAfrica.com HEREWe, along with HopeChest, are starting a campaign over the next couple of weeks to raise money to feed these precious people. It's called "Feed the Forgotten".

There is a blogbadge on my post that you can use. I am asking you to PLEASE consider posting about this on your blog. You can feel free to copy and paste my post or write your own. . whatever works best for YOU. You can post on it every day if you want. . call your "people" to prayer this week. . .issue a challenge, whatever you feel called to. Some ideas include challenging a mostly mom following to having their kids do a lemonade stand, if you are a coupon blog, challenge your readership to donate a portion of their savings, challenge people to give as gifts, or out of their abundance. . or sacrifice a meal or a movie this week. Those are just some ideas to get you started. . .but please consider posting this.I have raised money for a lot of things over the last year but haven't ever done an email like this to all the bloggers I know.

This issue has laid so heavily on my heart, I can't even fully describe it. I have spent time with these children. I saw the discoloration in their hair because of malnutrition. We sent Joseph (our country director) back there with food and he actually got mobbed. They are in desperate need and we can help. YOU posting about this and motivating people to give and get involved can actually save lives. How often do you get an opportunity like that?


  1. He And Me + 3 said...
    Thank you for sharing this with us and I will head over to her site.
    Brandi said...
    Thanks Kell. . .love you


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