22 June, 2009

Happy Father's day!!

I trust everyone had a great Father's day!

We had a very laid back one here! Nothing super special, but it made him happy and that is all that matters! We started off the day with him blowing up Monkey's new swimming pool we bought her for the back yard to beat the summer heat! (10am and it was already 90 degrees! wheew!) Hey what else would he do on Father's day than "father" things! The smile on her face always makes it all worth it! After we ran a few errands, we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse... yeehaw!! Hubby really wanted a steak so ,voila!!

We got him a backyard golf net so he can practice his swing! He will be a pro in no time! (hopefully he won't ask me to go to any more golf tournaments with him! :o)

Monkey waiting for daddy to finish blowing up her pool!

It is really kinda cute... the giraffe sprays water out of his mouth!

This is when Monkey first got in !! She loves it! She cried when she realized what daddy was doing when he let the water out!

Even the dog got in on the action.... she was so hot!

Don't you spray me mister!!

See Daddy did get to sit around, put his feet up, and read the paper!!


  1. Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    looks like you had a great day celebrating and trying to stay cool all at the same time!
    Alicia W. said...
    I love that pool! Too freakin cute! Makes a good foot soaker too huh? That's hilarious and smart!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    What a fun pool. I loved when she laughed at the spitting giraffe! Too cute! Glad hubby had a great day!
    Nancy said...
    thanks for visiting! I intend to browse here a bit :) love your background!
    gina said...
    What a CUTE pool! Finding ways to keep cool must be tough in that weather you are having. It's been rainy and muggy, but only in the 70's here for weeks...

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