22 May, 2009

Friday Funnies!!

It has been raining ALL week here in sunny Florida! It has rained pretty much non- stop since Monday! Our streets are flooded, our lakes are filled to overflowing, and our lawns are swimming pools!! We really aren't supposed to get this "tropical storm" like weather until after June1 when hurricane season starts. I hope this is isn't a forshadowing of things to come this season! We are pretty water logged!! So in honor of the flooding....

For more FF, visit Kim at homesteaders heart!!
(images: cartoon stock)


  1. UKZoe said...
    My friend had to evacuate last night when the water started coming in the door even with the sandbags!
    The Real Me! said...
    It has been wet here this week hasn't it? IT's actually sunny right here where we are. HOw long it will last I don't know!
    I loved the last cartoon! Too funny.
    Hugs my friend.
    Five Moms & A Blog said...
    Those were so funny. Sorry about all the rain. Thanks for your help today. LOL Seriously, I need some guidance...got suggestions? LOL If not, I got an oreo that needs milk...Got Milk?
    Thanks for popping by at the 5 moms and have a great weekend.
    Christina said...
    I hope you dry out soon dear! Take care.

    I love the foreclosure one... too funny!
    Samantha said...
    These are too cute, how funny !
    Have a great Friday !
    Saleslady371 said...
    I heard about that rain in Fla. We, too are getting a soaking rain in AZ today. So you can imagine how funny your cartoons were to me!!!!
    SophieMae said...
    LOL, those are too funny! Thanks ever so for sharing! I'll have to show DH the mower one.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    LOVED the last one.. that fits perfectly here in FL!!!

    Hope we all get to dry out this weekend.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    It rained here too, which it never does! Funny though, last year it rained on our last day of school and then the next day and it did the same thing this year! The sun was out this afternoon though! I hope you dry out soon!
    E @ Scottsville said...
    Those were cute! Hope you get some sunshine and less rain VERY SOON!!!

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