21 May, 2009

You have to click this link to find out why I am so excited!!!
This is how I like my AMERICAN IDOL!! Way to go Kris.... Shine Bright!!

Greater things are STILL to come!!!


  1. Cascia said...
    Glad to hear that your favorite idol won. I wasn't able to keep up with this season's American Idol.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I was so happy that he won too. I only watched 2 shows the season...but I picked him from the first time I saw him on the top 12. then I watched last night. So glad a Godly man won.
    God's Girl said...
    Oh... thank you so much for sharing the clip of him singing that song. I didn't get to watch Idol this year because of my crazy schedule. I am so thankful he won. It looks like God has some great plans for him. He looks like a great worship leader!
    E @ Scottsville said...
    I'm an American Idol junky too!

    I loved Kris and Adam both. I liked Kris 'the person' better, but thought Adam had more talent. Still, I'm thrilled for Kris! Besides, winning is only the 'title'. They both have HUGE futures to come!!!!

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