25 May, 2009

1. It is amazing how fast my hubby can get the lawn done when he is trying to do it between rain drops! Maybe it should rain EVERY time he wants to cut the grass! hmmm?

2. It is amazing how much my oldest can help out around the house when he wants something!

3. Our poor Daytona International Speedway is under water! I hope it dries up before the July 4th race!

Check out a slideshow of the pics here!

4. We are on day 6 of rain! Where is NOAH when you need him?

5. 7 more days of school and counting! SUMMER here I come!!

6. I remember Memorial day with admiration for my brother and father, both VETS!! Thanks guys!!

7. The kids went to see NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM! I wasn't there , so I can't review it yet! (I am sure it was great!) They couldn't stop talking about it!


  1. The Real Me! said...
    OH Kelly I had to come by and say how I laughed out loud at your comment about going to Lowe's. What's wrong with us? LOL. Why do we put ourselves through it. It's actually been pretty dry today.
    I loved your random thoughts today by the way!
    Happy Memorial Day!
    Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...
    the rain has been crazy this last week!
    Eyeglasses & Endzones said...
    Bummer about the Daytona track? I had no idea you had so much rain...could you send some our way. We have had like zero....talk about expensive watering bills....;)

    We saw Night at the Museum this weekend too! It was cute but not as funny as I thought it would be! Oh well...kiddos liked it!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I hear ya on the grass. Funny how you can get things done so quickly when you have to. LOL
    HOpe the rain stops long enough to dry some stuff out.
    My kids just saw the first Night at the Museum...
    Meme said...
    Did you husband have to work the races here in Charlotte this weekend? We feel your rain pain. Wasn't their (NASCAR) moment of silence for our military awesome?

    Can't wait for summer too!!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    I hope it dries out for you soon; we had rain a few days last week (which is a lot for us!). And I getcha on the kids doing what they need to to get what they want! Funny how that works! My grandfather and dad are both vets too...And summer has started for us (YaY!) and we are going to see Night at the Museum 2 this afternoon! Happy week to you!
    Cascia said...
    My daughter wants to see that movie. I think we promised we would take her when school is out. She's done the same time your kids are. I can't wait! I could sure use her help around the house. She's going to hate me!
    Alicia said...
    Wow...6 straight days of rain?????

    I hope it clears up soon!

    Oh..and Night At The Museum was really good!!
    Christina said...
    Wow! I hope you get a break and dry out soon!

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