26 April, 2009

1. Monkey has decided that her pacifier would taste so much better if she dips, splashes, and swirls it around in the DOG WATER before putting it in her mouth! YUCK!

2. Watch out for falling lizards! I was driving out of the neighborhood and was rather freaked out when a rather large lizard just plopped on my windshield. As it hung on for dear life, it looked at me with such "holy crap how did I get here" in his eyes!! Poor thing! Here is a pic. from my cell phone!! It eventually lost it's grip as I sped up and became "superlizard" flying through the air. Rather comical. I have had birds poop on my windshield and bugs splat on my windshield , but this was a new one!
3. The kids had a birthday party on Sat at my LEAST favorite place in the world of Children!! Chuck -e -Cheese! Blah... I feel like I need a shower when I come out of there! Maybe a power washer would do the trick! In the spirit of friendship and birthdays, we went! We survived with a 15 month old needing therapy, Chucky IS pretty scary, and two kids covered from head to toe in sanitizer!!

4. Went to the Salvation Army thrift store to add some things to our summer wardrobe! SCORE! I got some great stuff!! I love the S.A.!! I love when people see us decked out in our name brand items!! I just smirk, cuz I know how much they paid and how much I didn't pay!! :o)

5. We has some friends in town from PA for the annual Cheerleading Worlds Comp. at Disney! They are coaches of a fabulous team! They are favored this year to win! It was great to see them. GO FCA Gems!!


  1. Lori said...
    that picture of the lizard is crazy!
    Christina said...
    I loathe Chuck E. Cheese's.... I wish someone would feed him rat poison.
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I too hate chuck E cheese's. Yuck...germs. I also love the salvation army & that lizard would have freaked me out so bad I wouldn't have been able to grab my camera and snap a picture because I would have been shaking so bad. LOL
    McCrakensx4 said...
    busy weekend...we only go to CEC a few times a year! And what a freakly thing with that lizard...see them on the ground and walls, but never on the windshield!
    Meme said...
    I think that lizard was telling you to send him to us here in NC. We lost our "Jumpy" last year - and it is still hard on the kids. Our oldest caught him on a camping trip with boy scouts - he was my favorite pet, never barked. ever.

    btw I feel the same way about CEC -and we watch a lot of the same shows, imagine that!

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