29 March, 2009

1. I was at the church for a meeting. My girl was "watching" the baby while I went into the other room for a minute. I put the baby in the stroller and said I would be right back. When I came back out, they were gone! I knew Christ didn't return or I was in big trouble! Frankly, that better be the reason since I told her to stay there and I would be right back. Our church is big and has many hallways, I couldn't find them anywhere. Panic set in just in time for them to come strolling down the kids' hallway. Before I could get any words out, my girl said that the baby missed me, started crying, so she took her for a "stroll" to calm her down. Awe, my little mama!! After I got over the "awe" moment, I had to explain to her that in order to keep mommy's blood pressure at a good level, she needs to tell me where she is going--especially when she takes the baby!!

2. My nephew's birthday party was Sat. My brother is a single father who really frankly procrastinates about stuff like that. Who can blame him. He called me Friday to order a bouncy for Sat. Okay, so I start calling around to find a bouncy that I need in less than 24 hours! "Um, no a princess bouncy won't work," "well that is all we have on short notice," "well, okay.... NO I will call someone else!" I found one!! It is sports themed!

3. The kids at the birthday party figured out how to raise a momma's blood pressure. They lined up on the side and laid back against the wall thus causing the bounce house to tip over almost completely on it's side! Ah, where is my Valium?!

4. My princess felt the hurt of encountering "mean girls". I felt so badly for her. I know the sad reality is that this is unfortunately a common thing that she will encounter especially as she gets older!

5. It is so windy here! The bedroom window in my room doesn't seal very well. So ALL night long I lay and listen to the the whistle coming through the window! I don't' know what is worse. Monkey's coughing or the wind's whistle?!

6. Sunday my hubby had to shave his gotee for work! This will not go well with monkey! She has only known him with it. I think we have him shave it while she is watching! That may help! I think I may post a before and after pic. Oh, to look 12 again. Wish I could shave something and have that happen to me!

7. The boys went camping this weekend! They came home wet, dirty and tired! They had a great time though!! They LOVE their boys weekends as much as we love our girls weekends!


  1. Eyeglasses & Endzones said...
    Sounds a little busy!!! Glad that you enjoyed your GIRLS weekend!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    I wish I too could shave somethiing and look 12 again. lOL
    That happens to my hubby when he saves his moustache too. Strange how that works for them.
    McCrakensx4 said...
    We had the boys watch the first time Ryan shaved hi goatee, otherwise it would not have been good! So glad you were able to find a 'boy' bouncy on short noctice! Hope you have a great week!
    Lori said...
    sounds like you've been busy. Hope things smooth out for your princess with the other kids... it is hard to deal with that attitude! I really like the Little Bill Episode called the Meanest Thing to say for teaching kids to deal with other's mean words
    Tangerine Kitty said...
    My husband has had his gotee since our daughter was born, she is 11 now, and he shaved it once and she cried. She wanted it back on him.
    Eyeglasses & Endzones said...
    Come and See me...you won you won you won you won!!!
    The Rambler said...
    Boo to mean girls!

    And these kids....they keep getting 'smarter' and 'smarter'. We have a lot of work to one step aheading of them to stay on top of. sigh.

    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day :)
    pam said...
    Sounds like a very busy weekend. Wow, I am tired just reading it. You cracked me up with the shaving bit.

    Have a good week.

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