30 March, 2009

Quote of the month!

I just love this quote!

"If you haven't had a head-on collision with the Devil in a while, you're probably going the same direction as him."
- Steven Furtyk
Think about it!!
Being a christian is a never ending battle and head- on collisions! The Lord didn't say it would be easy, but that HE would never leave us. The fact that I butt heads with the devil daily, tells me that I am involved in a spiritual battle and need to remain strong and put on the full armour of God every day!


  1. Jill said...
    AMEN sister!!
    Love this quote!!!
    Sorry I have been such a bad bloggy friend lately!!
    Hugs, Jill
    Jenn said...
    Thanks for the inspiration!! Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not walking alone:)
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Wow...that was an awesome qoute. Love it!

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