22 March, 2009

1. I forgot to check the laundry before putting it into the washing machine. Monkey likes to throw everything into the laundry basket or garbage can. (Last week she threw away my dad's light remote! Oops!) I opened up the wash to put something else in and there were huge diapers staring at me! WOW, Huggies really does soak up the liquid and holds it in tight!!

2. The kids were so excited to have their first easter egg hunt this weekend. Rather early, but still excited! I was happy too! This would be monkey's first hunt! Well... think again. Monkey went to bed and woke up with 102. 5 fever! Just figures! Good thing... there is still time for more hunts! Just got to get her healthy... again!

3. It was sooo windy here! There was a brush fire burning a couple counties over and the wind brought the smell and smoke clear over here! Yuck. No wonder I had a headache all weekend! The wind was also so strong that it sucked the screen out of one of our windows and blew it on top of our porch! Geez.... I didn't think hurricane started until June?!

4. I have decided I hate furniture shopping. Load the family up in the car, unload, go look, NOPE nothing here, load them back in the car, drive, unload, go look, NOPE nothing here, load back up, drive 1 mile to the next place, unload, go look, NOPE nothing here...GIVE UP! Let's go home!

Have a great week!!


  1. Lori said...
    I would not want to go furniture shopping with the boys... that would be so not fun
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Aww, I hope that Monkey is feeling better soon. Poor girl. I always hated furniture shopping with the kids too...we usually ask Mom to keep them, because we know it takes atleast 3 stores before we find anything we like:)
    All these B's and Me! said...
    The diaper in the washer was hilarious! Kids... they are so sneaky and keep us on our toes at all times, lol. Have a great Monday.
    pam said...
    I am glad the wind didn't blow the fires your way. Hope you are off to a good start of the week:)
    Eyeglasses & Endzones said...
    Hope the monkey is on the up and up!! And, PS, I HATE furniture shopping too..the decisions and the arguments I could do without!!!

    Oh, and PSS...I have been a really bad commenter on your blog and I am sooo sorry about that...I am following you, but you were not popping up on my RSS feed like the others...I have fixed it tho..so we should be set!!!
    Shannon said...
    So glad we're out of FL and those hurricanes.
    I found a diaper once in my washer. YUCK!!! It weighed about 10lbs.

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