21 March, 2009

Quote this month is :

"When you can't sleep don't count sheep, talk to the sheperd!"

I love this quote. As a mom , I have had MANY sleepless nights. Nighttime feedings, worries from the day, and concerns for the future! It seems as though it is our brain's instinct to sleep during the day when we need it to work-- I call that "mommy brain"-- and turn on to run like crazy at night!

I remember sitting up at 3am to nurse monkey. The darkness and quiteness of the night was really getting to me. My brain was starting to run crazy from what we should have done differently that day to how will I make it through tomorrow on no sleep. I started to feel a rigid anxiety come over me. Then I remembered what my mom had said about the devil prowling in the cover of night. He loves that atmosphere because he knows we are vulnerable to his manipulations especially in the quiet and when we are sleep deprived. I began to pray. I prayed over our home. I prayed over my children. I prayed over my family. I claimed victory over my anxiety. I rejoiced in his blessings! I talked to my sheperd! We just had a conversation.
I could almost picture him sitting there with a cup of tea, legs crossed,
leaning forward to hear every word!

I really started to look forward to my 3 am nursing sessions.
That was my tea time with my sheperd!!
I sleep more soundly now, but when I can't sleep--
I know I can always have some tea with my Lord!!


  1. All these B's and Me! said...
    Awww, what a great post! I too miss those middle of the night/early morning nursing sessions with my babies. It was our complete one on one time just for us.

    Have a great Saturday darlin!
    Lori said...
    what a great way to look at what could be a major frustration in life!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    What awesome words you have shared. I find myself praying and talking to the Lord when I am unable to sleep too! Thanks for the encouragement. Have a great weekend!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    That is an awesome quote...I love my quiet time as well with the Lord. He just seems to always bring that perfect peace. At anytime. Beautiful post!
    Alicia said...
    Oh Kelly! That was a beautiful post!! God is always faithful to meet us where we are at!! Hugs to you!! Alicia
    Shannon said...
    Good post Kelly! Thanks for the reminder.
    Kelly said...
    Great reminder Kelly! Thanks for sharing this truth!

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