30 March, 2009

Please pray for Stellan!

If you haven't seen or heard Stellan's story, you NEED to! I surf the net a lot and read lots of blogs, but I have never been so touched, outraged, emotional, and broken for a family and their little one! This family needs your prayers!! Please take a minute and lift them up! I can't say anymore, you just need to read and pray!

Stellan's mom, what an amazing woman, blogs about their journey at My Charming Kids!


  1. The Real Me! said...
    I have been reading about that poor child and his family. My heart goes out to them so much and I think it is awesome the support they are getting.
    Big Hugs.
    Kelly said...
    I could not agree more!!!
    continuing to pray
    Sarah C. said...
    I can't begin to imagine what that mother or little Stellan are going through. Sending prayers.

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