26 January, 2009

Do you pamper yourself?

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This was a very laid back weekend! We did some things around the house and just "chilled"! It was actually very nice after the busy "go, go, go" weeks and weekends we have just had! I started to think about the post I did that I was interviewed by Stacey in! I got so many great comments on my thought that a happy mom is a good mom! I then thought you know what, I can't pack up and go to the beach with my girls so I will do what I can!! I went and got a haircut and had my highlights put back in!! I haven't had my highlights since before I got pregnant with "monkey"! (I had a bad hair experience dying/highlighting my hair while my pregnancy hormones where raging when I had my second child! NOPE, not going to chance it!) I felt so good when I came home! I felt like I had woken up for a winter's sleep! I know you are thinking the chemicals ecked into my brain and have made me crazy, but I felt better! Amazing how something like that can rejuvenate you!

I have found that I have cut WAY back on the things I used to do for myself since the downturn of the economy! I used to get my nails done! I loved having my nails done. I gave that up a while back! Haven't had them done since. I have found ways of doing those things I love for myself. Sometimes, though, it is nice to just go somewhere without the kids and get "pampered" for a minute on an indulgence that makes you feel good! I say go get that massage, go get that hair color you have dreamed of, go get that manicure and DON"T feel guilty about it! (don't do it every week for crying out loud-- you will go broke!! :o)

What things have you given up? What things are you still doing for yourself!! Don't forget, when you as a woman feels and looks good-- it rubs off on your attitude/personality!! If you take care of "you", you will be a much better mom!! NOTE: sometimes doing things for yourself doesn't have to cost money!!


  1. Julie said...
    I did the same thing. Right after the kids went back to school after the Christmas break. I had my hair highlighted and cut. It felt great. I was the only one in the salon that morning so I had a girls day with my hairdresser!
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Amen...I went last night and got a pedicure...haven't had one since June. I will get one atleast every 6 weeks from now on. I really needed it!
    Everyday Mom Designs said...
    I used to always get pedicures.. now I haven't had one in a year and a couple of months.. ugh.. i think i'll get one for my birthday in march!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    I am with ya sista! I used to get my nails done too, but stopped that and I only get my hair done about every 6 months or so, but the one thing I do indulge in is pedicures! Lov'em! And so does my feeties!

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