21 January, 2009

I was interviewed!

So Stacey at McCrakensx4 interviewed me what seems like ages ago. I am finally getting around to doing it after all my company and party stuff is gone, and we are semi back to normal!!

Geez, I take a couple of days off of blogging and it takes me days even weeks to catch up!! I kid you not, when I logged into my reader-- I had over 150 new posts to read! Any way-- here goes.

1. What have you gained since starting your blog? I have gained a lot of insight and support in my journey to financial health! I have also gained some awesome friends!! I so enjoy reading about your comings/goings and being apart of your lives, so to speak! I am honored to have you be apart of mine!!

2. How many TVs do you have in your house and what is your favorite TV show? We have three TVs. One in the family room, one in the playroom, and -contrary to what the experts whoever they are- say, we have one in the bedroom! My favorite shows are:

Greys Anatomy, The Mentalist, The Amazing Race, Big Brother,

Private Practice, Jon and Kate +8, House Hunters

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would go to London and Australia! I know... two very different places, but Oh, I ache to go there!!

4. What's under your bed? I have three under the bed storage boxes. One with warm clothes, one with purses, and one with crafts that my kids have made for me in pre-school/kindergarten!

5. If you had one day to do anything you wanted, with no limits, what would it be and why? That is such a hard one! Way to make me think Stacey!! :o) Amazing how when you grow up and your life isn't your own, how your pleasures become so simple... I think I would take a girl's day ALL day!! Pack up my two best girlfriends in the morning after a great breakfast , head to the beach and lay there all day long listening to the peace of the ocean !! I know someone else said something similar to this, but it is so true! When I get a break to rejuvenate, my kids have a much better mom and that is what I want most-- to be a great mom!!

Thanks Stacy!! That was fun!! If you would to join in the fun and be interviewed, let me know and I will come up with some questions!! I will be kind! I promise!!


  1. Alicia said...
    Loved your answers!!

    Oh how nice it would be to just be at the beach all day! There's just something about the ocean. It's so calming!
    Tonya said...
    What a fun interview! I so agree with a happy mommy being a good mommy :)
    He And Me + 3 said...
    Those were such fun answers. she asked some great questions! I wish we had a beach near by to go to...ugh
    He And Me + 3 said...
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    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Great post. I love learning new things about people!
    Love the beach day with girlfriends. Sounds like fun!
    McCrakensx4 said...
    Thanks for playing! Great answers! On my day...I would love to pack up my bestest friends and run away for the day! You are awesome!
    MoziEsmé said...
    That girls' day would be fun! I need a break myself - I may be on vacation, but moms never REALLY get a vacation on vacation, it seems... :)

    And London is worth the trip! We had two good sightseeing days there this month, and it was nowhere near enough. We could have spent a week in just one museum...
    Wendy said...
    this was a fun idea to post (I might borrow it from you) I really enjoy your blog by the way :)
    Heather B. said...
    Hi Kelly, thanx for stopping by...
    I love your blog, it's so pretty and what gorgeous kids you have! I have my own 1 bday girl coming up next month, I dread that day!!!
    many blessings,
    Debra said...

    Great answers! And a beach day with your best friends goes a long way in being a great Mom!

    Blessings to you today!

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