09 October, 2008

A word from above!

Most of you know the struggle that I had with my dear ole friend "Jingle" the cat!!
You can read about her here and here!
Well ,I miss her dearly. The house is quieter, smells nicer, and is much more hygienic...
but I miss the way she used to be!!

The Lord has funny ways of telling you what you need to hear and comforting
you in a time
that you need a little pick me up!!
I got that from him today!!
I got an email from a long distant family member that doesn't really know
what all goes on down here .
She doesn't even know I had a cat or what I had been going through!
The email was one of those annoying "forwards" that you get that
I usually just delete without reading.
For some reason , I opened it!
The very first picture in the email was this:

How precious, Lord, that you take the time to send me reminders and let me know you still care for me!!

Thanks Lord!!

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  1. Julie said...
    It's amazing when these things happen. Takes your breath away for a moment!
    I'm catching up on all of the blogs I missed at the end of last week and over the weekend. :-)

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