29 October, 2008

This year's pumpkins!

This weekend we got our pumpkins, our tools, and our imaginations and carved out our pumpkins for this year!! One kid dug right in, one was sleeping, and one refused to touch the "gross" insides! You figure it out! :o) So needless to say it was kids working 20% and mom and dad working 80%!! It is fun though!! Enjoy the pics!

Here is the finished product!! If you can't tell... it is Star Wars w/ light sabers, "monkey's" hand traced out on the baby pumpkin, and tinker bell. You can't tell from the pic, but my boy insisted that the light sabers be red and green, so handy daddy got lighting gels and pinned them to the inside of the pumpkin!! Stay tuned for pics from the fall festival! The kids are so excited to wear their costumes!! The pumpkins are a good clue as to what their costumes will be!! (except for monkey's-- she will be just so darn cute!!)

Have a very safe and enjoyable Friday!


  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    So fun! I always see people doing this with their kids and think, "we should try that". Then, I remember how much I hate messiness and the idea is swiftly gone :)
    It sure does make for a great post though.
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    how fun! They look great!
    Julie said...
    Great job on the pumpkins! We are doing ours tomorrow night. I can't wait, it is always one of the higlights of Halloween!
    Jackie Sue said...
    These are just soooo cute! Love them!
    DanielleW said...
    Great job on the carving. Cameron would LOVE the SW one. We don't participate in Halloween but this year I let Cameron cut up a pumpkin. It was a good lesson of what was inside. We let it sit for a few days and then I let him cut the thing to pieces. He was humming and he was hacking away. Then he said, "Thanks, Mama, this was a realy good idea." (I hope this doesn't mean that he will have homicidal tendincies.)

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