28 October, 2008

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It is that time of the year again!! BLACK FRIDAY!! The day after Thanksgiving is always an event in my family! We make it an adventure! From making our list to making our map of places!! When I used to live closer to my sister-in-law, the two of us would do it without fail. Since moving away, my hubby and I do it, but not as intense! Some of it was for the good deals, but mostly for the experience. Some of you are really saying that I am crazy about now, but ... to each his own!! The past few years have become more of a "if there is something we would really like to get and it is a fabulous deal" we will do it! If there isn't anything that floats our boat, we don't bother!! You do have to have the right attitude and mindset to tackle black friday! Be patient is the biggest and don't mind the rude people that push you aside. If you want it THAT badly that you have threatened my welfare, then let me help you walk it to your car! :o)

There is a website that gets all the black friday ads in advance. You can sign up with your email and they will email you when new ads are posted. Today, Sears and True Value have added their black friday ads. You also have the ability to make a shopping list from the stores to make your trip planning more productive! They have coupons and "hot deals" as well!! I have used this site for the past two years. It is great to get a heads up on the ads and be able to do my research to see whether they are REALLY good deals or not!

Here are some tips to make your black friday experience safe and as stress free as possible:

1. Arrive to the stores early
Lines at stores start forming as early as 3 PM Thanksgiving Day. If you are after the limited quantity items, you need to be in this line. Some stores hand out vouchers an hour before the doors open. If you don't get that voucher, you probably won't get the merchandise.

2. Park close to an exit
Find a parking spot at a local store that is not having a sale and walk to the store. This way, you won't be stuck in the big rush of people coming in and going out of the main store.

3. Dress comfortable.
This is not a fashion show. The people in line don't care what you look like. Ladies, leave the heels at home. Guys, don't fix your hair, your going to be wearing a hat anyway. Comfortable tennis shoes are a must.

4. Divide and Conquer
What better way to plan your attack than at Thanksgiving dinner? Spread out the ads between family and friends. Decide who is going to what store and make a list of what everyone wants. Each person buys everyone's items and then you all meet up afterwards.

5. Shop Online
Some of the sale items will be available for the same bargain prices online Thanksgiving Day, or sooner. Purchase as many items as you can online, and get the remainder Friday morning. Check BFGear.com often for link updates.

6. Make a "Dry Run" the night before Thanksgiving
About an hour before the store closes on Wednesday, go to the store and spot where everything is that you want to buy. Some stores, especially Best Buy, set up a checkout maze using electronics. One wrong turn could easily cost you an extra 45 minutes in the checkout line.

7. Leave the kids at home
Unless you've taught your kids to get the deal no matter what (which is probably bad parenting anyway), leave the kids with a babysitter or family member. There are a lot of people at the stores that will be more willing to trample your child instead of helping them off the ground. Standing in line for 10 hours is not fun for an adult, what do you think it's like for a child?

8. Protect your money
While big sales will attract loads of shoppers, they also attract loads of thieves. Ladies, leave your purse at home. Bring your ID, credit cards and/or cash and keep it close to you. Guys, with 2-3 layers of pants on, it's harder to feel a thief lift your wallet while your not paying attention. Keep your wallet in your front pocket.

9. Make friends with others standing in line
Having a good conversation with someone standing in line can pass the time fairly quickly. Not to mention, if you have to run to the bathroom because you just drank an entire pot of coffee. Your newfound friend will probably be willing to hold your place in line, especially if your willing to return the favor.

10. DON'T bring alcohol to a shopping frenzy
Sure, adding a little something extra to your coffee may seem like a good idea, but there are police officers standing at every corner. They walk up and down the line to see what people are doing. They won't have any problem hauling your butt off to jail because you decided to handle line jumpers your own way.

Thanks to bfgear.com for this great information!! ((they also have some store ads (most are still from last year) too along with some other great helpful information!!))

Please, before you get wrapped up and lost in the holidays... don't forget thanksgiving first!! Let's be thankful for our ability to read those ads, to write with our hands the list, to see to drive the car to the stores, and the money that the Lord continues to provide somehow through this hard economic time!! BE THANKFUL!!


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    Jaime said...
    Oh, I can't wait to check out the sales! I hope there is something worth shopping for. Jarrett and I love to get up early and hit the stores!
    Jackie Sue said...
    Kel...you had me all the way to leaving my booze at home...bummer...don't know if I can go now ;o) Thanks for the tips!
    Under the Florida Sun said...
    Bummer.. no booze to keep me warm.. darn.. ROFL!! Just kidding..

    This year I'm hoping there will be some sweet deals to get..
    Magdalena said...
    Thanks for sharing fabulous tips to make our Black Friday experience safe and stress free.

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