14 September, 2008

"Speak" the musical!

This week is the start of missions week at our church. To kick off the week, the Children's Ministry wrote, directed, and starred in a musical called "Speak"! It basically brought the message of Christ and our need for him to the forefront! It also focused on telling others about Him!! The kids did an amazing job. It was set in the school cafeteria after school. Most of the songs were "Casting Crowns" songs. I was moved!! The kids were all professional and spot on!

The first night, they did it for the youth of the church. They had no idea, but they were loaded up in the church van and driven around the block. When they came back, there was a red carpet, cheering fans, photo ops and videos taping going on!! They entered as if they were "stars"!! So neat that the youth would do that and embrace these little rising stars!!
They did 4 performances! My girl thinks that she is a full out actress now.
Oops, I think the word she used was "Rock Star"!! :o)
Great job guys!! ( here are some pics. The quality isn't great!)

Mom and dad got our little actress some flowers after her performance!!

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  1. Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    They did such a great job!

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