15 September, 2008

My little "monkey"!!

image by : funnychill.com
A friend once told me that my girl's hair resembled a baby monkey!! I have to say that I agree!! I think the cuteness factor applies to both!
The only time I can get her hair to stay down is when she is sweating!! As soon as it dries... poof!! From ear to ear it sticks straight up!! I love it!!


  1. Jaime said...
    Kelly, oh my goodness you are hilarious! I think she is too adorable! She's the sweetest and cutest monkey I've ever seen.

    Kelly said...
    This is AWESOME! I love her hair. I think she needs a pet monkey.
    DanielleW said...
    ROFL...too cute. To be of some encouragement, I did not have much hair until I was about two. Now it is very THICK. So, some day her hair will come. But until then, you may want to stock up on bananas for your little monkey.
    Shannon said...
    That's funny! I love that side-by-side comparison. She is a cutie.
    Emily said...
    I always wondered how she got the nickname Monkey! :) How cute!!!

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