11 September, 2008

Never forget!!


I am almost positive that you will get many posts about 9-11 today!! Yup, I am one of them. Do you remember where you were that day? I was in State College at my in-laws house drying my hair after a shower, when someone came in and said a plane just flew into the twin towers in New York. I dropped everything and tip toed quickly past my sleeping girl who was 4 mo. old at the time. I couldn't believe my eyes. We sat glued to the TV for hours. We then realized that Jack's oldest brother's wife was in New York on business. No one could get ahold of her until later. Finally his brother called and said, she was fine, but couldn't get out of town. I will never forget the sacrifices made and lives lost that day.

This day changed everything for our family!

My brother is now retired from the US Air Force. He was deployed to Kuwait during the start of the Iraq war. Oh, my... if you think we were glued to the TV on 9-11... the stories, the bombs, the air raid sirens, the casualties. Watching and waiting for some sort of call from my brother to say I am okay! Each time we got that call-- relief. Then 10 minutes later after hanging up, another story on CNN of another attack. This time the bombs were reaching Kuwait city. We waited for that call again.
This was him eating birthday cake we sent to him after his 1 year old's birthday party!

My brother was part of the crew that remained at the airport hangers to load and unload supplies coming in and going out. (At times he had to go out and do his shift protecting the ammunition bunkers... with a gun! Glad mom wasn't there!!) He loaded and unloaded, inventoried, inspected everything. Everything meant even the dead who had to be transported home to be buried by their loved one. This was incredibly hard for him to do. He of course had to make sure the DB (dead body) was "who" the tag said and make sure it was on the right inventory sheet to go to the right place. Yes, he had to inspect the bodies. I can't even imagine.

This is him cleaning the pallets that transported the DB's on to the hangers to be shipped. (Sorry the pics are so small, but I think you get the point!)

Like I said , he is now retired. Thank the Lord he is home and safe where he belongs. Whether or not you agree with our troops being over in the Middle East, Please support our troops! They are doing their job that they signed up for and that they believe in. These men and women are giving up family, friends, and sometimes their own lives for the cause. Whether it is right or wrong, they are there! There isn't anything we can do about it. Let's just support them and PRAY them home!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember where you were on the day that changed a nation?
Take a minute and click on the music player to the left and click on Letters from War, by Mark Shultz!! Remember!!


  1. Julie said...
    It is a day full of so many emotions. Chris was in Kuwait at the beginning of the war too. The girls were 3 weeks old! I never saw myself alone with a 3 year old and infant twins. But, that was our reality after 9/11. Everyone has a story. It is a day that connects us all in so many ways.
    DanielleW said...
    DS was exactly 7 mths old that day. My sister had to call me because, as she put it, she knew that I lived under a rock.

    I remember praying often for Matt. I'm glad he's home. It makes me proud to know him.

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