22 August, 2008

The weeping wall returns!

Here we go again! Once again, we have water intrusion. Oh "snap"! I thought we would escape this due to Fay only being a Tropical Storm and not a hurricane, but I was wrong. We have had constant rain for 3 days now. When winds come from the right direction and drive into the wall at the right angle-- our walls start to "cry". They say, "please stop the rain!" We experienced this in 2004 with Hurricane Jeanne, but it was much worse and ruined our entertainment center and carpets! Now we have wood laminent, and I am starting to panic! Anyway, we have the dehumidifier running, towels on the floors, and a lot of prayers going up that the rain will stop soon!

This is the kitchen sliding glass door frame.

This is the family room window frame.

And, this is what the kids do to keep busy during a tropical storm!
( School was cancelled AGAIN!!)


  1. Under the Florida Sun said...
    Oh goodness.. do you know what causes this?

    I will be praying that this rain stops soon.. and your walls will be happy again.
    Kelly said...
    Well thank the Lord, I see SUN!! To spare you ALL the details. When the rain drives constantly and hard for a period of time, it just drive through the stucco and then runs down between the drywall and block. It can't go back through the stucco, so it seeps into the drywall which is in the house. A lot of it may be from my screen room. They may not have done the flashing(connections) to the house the right way. CRAZY! Thanks for the prayers!

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