10 July, 2008

TARGET web coupon alert!!

I have just come from an incredibly frustrating trip to Target! Apparently, they are no longer accepting web coupons printed from your computer! I even tried to use my coupons that I printed with the Target logo on the bottom. They have stopped accepting them due to "fradulent coupon activity". I am so MAD! I got up to the register with all my stuff and coupons only to be told of their new policy. I then told them they were going to lose a lot of business because other's will accept their target coupons as competitors! Poor gal at the register looked in disbelief as I then told her I didn't want this or this or this and asked her to put them back! I can use my coupons and get them cheaper elsewhere!!

Is this the case at your Target too? Let me know and I will drive to yours if they are still accepting them there!!


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