10 July, 2008

Fun household projects

I have this half wall at the top of my stairs in the playroom. What a waste of space. I then looked at the space my kid's chalkboard was taking up and a huge lightbulb went off!! Amazing what a little bit of chalkboard paint will do!! (I also put a layer of magnetic paint under it so it is a magnetic chalkboard!!) The kids love it! I can also use it for love notes to them!! I even have been putting their monthly memory verse on it since it is magnetic!! What a simple project with so many rewards!! Do you have any good home project ideas?


  1. Jess said...
    What??? I had no idea they had magnetic tape!!! i am so going to use that.

    the wall looks great!
    Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...
    Aren't you a fun mom!

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